Eventfulness of Hope

This weekend I was re-reminded of the importance of continuing relationships with family. Friday night we gathered at the family farm and while I had brought my book and knitting to keep me company, I decided to be social and ventured across the lawn and took the time to meet and chat with a newfound cousin, with the like name of Sarah. As she told me that evening, “I’ve never met another Sarah I didn’t like.” I must say I agree with her. Throughout the weekend we had a great time together and were able to talk about our jobs and plans for the future, the dogs she and her husband Johnny have, what it was like for them to leave Houston when Hurricane Rita hit, the lasting devastation of the gulf region, and stories surrounding our family. We figured out that her great-grandfather and my great-grandmother were siblings, which makes us cousins in some shape or form. Sunday I was able to chat with Linda, another cousin whose great-grandfather was a brother to my great-grandmother. While sitting at the same table over lunch, she mentioned her afternoon plans of reading and seemed quite excited at this relaxing prospect. I asked her what she brought to read and pretty soon we were having the most delightful conversation about our favorite (or not so favorite) books and authors. When she asked me what my favorite read has been this year, we discovered that Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert has been a favorite of us both. Linda was even able to attend a book reading/signing featuring Elizabeth Gilbert in Dallas (where she lives). Before departing one another’s company yesterday, I was pleased to exchange e-mail addresses with both Sarah and Linda.  The sad and disappointing part of the weekend was knowing that my sweet grandma wasn’t physically strong enough to attend any of the family festivities. The reunion is a huge yearly event for her, so thankfully several of her favorite people went by the nursing home to pay her a special visit. It’s so hard to see her health and abilities slowly decline – I’m thankful for each day she remains a part of my life on this earth.

The weekend’s activities also included me getting my hairs cut (all of them), so my head now adorns a summer chic look. Saturday afternoon my dad and I took in the sights of a local car show. Being a (stereotypical) female, I don’t know a lot about cars, but as the two of us strolled oohing and ahhing over many classic restored vehicles, I learned a little bit more about automotives from days gone by.

Buick Eight

My weekend would not have been complete without visiting my favorite used book store, The Book Nook. There I purchased The Color Purple by Alice Walker, this recording of La Boheme featuring Pavarotti for $6.00 (even if it is on cassette), and a great guide to opera for $1.00. I look forward to the days ahead when I can use and enjoy these bargains.

The course of the weekend also afforded me new information about future plans. I’m beginning to see doors opened and dreams for the future are beginning to take on a more realistic shape. This makes me extremely excited. I’ll be sharing less cryptic information in the days ahead.


7 thoughts on “Eventfulness of Hope

  1. It sounds like you had a great time! I like the car, nice… It sure is neat to meet people for the first time and feel like you could have known them your entire life:) The race was fun. I am starting the same running program that Addie is on except I think I will stick with the 5K for awhile. The funny thing is I had just looked it up before I decided to check out her site.

  2. yay for fun weekends ! (and cool name Sarah! It reminds me of the movie “Elizabethtown” when “Claire” categorizes people by their name…like “I never met a Mitch I didn’t like.” or something like that. I have never met a Sarah I didn’t like:) STranger than Fiction is very recommendable! See it! I liked it a lot! It was matt’s suggestion.

  3. Hopefully I will keep active enough that I do not put on any sympathy weight.  So far, so good.  Sorry to hear about your gma.  It has been mentioned twice now; but whenever you talk about a summer hair cut and then do not post a picture of it leaves your readers very disappointed. 
    Signed only slightly disappointed. : /

  4. i don’t know how many green beans are in a mess, and wikipedia doesn’t have much to offer, either.  but at least they’re fresh and yummy – do your relatives have a pretty big garden?  i wanted one this year, but had to settle for containers because all the university plots were rented out early.  eh, containers work :)yes, let’s see that hair!

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