Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Today marks the last Sunday I will have to work weekends at my current job. Knowing that I won’t ever have to deal with summer dance recitals makes me a happy girl! Immediately following said dance recital, I will leave to be a counselor at our district Campmeeting. As a camper, and most recent years as a counselor, I have found this week to be the highlight of my summer. I go expecting the Lord to do great things and come home refreshed and reminded of His goodness and call on my life. So that my toes will look stunning in sandals all week at camp, I treated myself to a pedicure yesterday choosing the color “You’re a Pisa Work” by OPI.

Today also marks the funeral of one of my high school classmates, Justin Skaggs. Justin was a great Christian young man, who through perseverance and a never give up attitude, played in the NFL for a short time. Most recently he was playing for an arena football league in Utah when the doctors discovered he had a brain tumor on June 1. He died June 15 leaving behind his wife (with whom I also attended high school) and their two young children. This seemingly untimely tragedy has deeply impacted our community and all those who knew him.

Last Thursday I was able to attend the final performance of Anna Karenina at Opera Theatre St. Louis with my friend Joe. We enjoyed seeing some of our friends from the Symphony Chorus and greatly enjoyed this world premiere production. It was definitely a 21st century opera, full of tragedy and heartache – Kelly Kaduce played a wonderful Anna. As we were leaving, I caught sight of John McDaniel who had been Rosie O’Donnell’s band leader when her talk show was on the air a few years ago. John and his band were affectionately known as John McD and the McDLTs and he often talked about being from St. Louis. This was my dose of celebrity for the evening. All in all it was a great way to celebrate the first day of summer!

This morning I finished Elizabeth Edwards’ biography Saving Graces. It was a very candid look at her life, what it was like to lose her son in a car accident, the rigors of the campaign trail, and her struggle with breast cancer. My favorite part of her book was a tradition she kept while on the bus, traveling across America campaigning – she kept a song book, full of family favorites and radio hits, and would distribute copies to all those on the bus while they were on the road. Such a great idea!

Now to finishing work and moving half of my worldly possessions to camp for the next week.


5 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Ahead

  1. Thank you for sending me my pen…you are hilarious! You didn’t need to do that…but it was thoughtful and signature Sarah none the less:) Thanks for your little note too and the early bday greetings. I will be in Hawaii! My parents are taking all of us because they went a few years ago and felt bad about not taking all of us:) So I guess guilt works sometimes:) Thanks for reminding me about emailing you that picture…I will try to do it before I leave. Sorry I forgot. I have good intentions:)

  2. I didn’t know Justin all that well but I’m really sad to hear about his sudden passing.I don’t guess I know who he married, but I guess I went to school with them, also?
    You are one busy lady!!

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