Taking holiday before the Holiday

A week of living in flip flops, not being self-conscious, eating good food (biscuits & gravy for breakfast several mornings), playing my saxophone, being around dear friends, and enjoying the enouragement and fellowship of like minded people of various ages brought comfort and a renewed focus to my life. The week of Campmeeting has been home for 10 years now – 6 as a camper and 4 as a counselor and will once again rank as the highlight of my summer. We learned about God’s abounding grace (2 Corinthians 9:8) and that He is a God who can be trusted to catch us when we leap. Such good lessons to apply to my daily life. Wednesday afternoon found me canoeing with some of my camper friends & alumni – Lauren, Michael, Mandi, and me. Aren’t our orange life preservers pretty?

 Lauren, Michael, Mandi, me

For the 4th, I spent a whopping $4 on fireworks: gold sparklers, a little turkey whose tail feathers were each a firecracker, and a little tank that “shot” fireworks. My next door neighbors really had an explosive shin-dig going on last night and I vicariously enjoyed watching them literally blow up their money from my back porch. But I must say I had more fun with my own firework purchases.


Carrying the light.

this little light of mine

Letting it shine.

sparkler S

And an S for Sarah.  

Thus concluding the holiday I have taken and the patriotic one that has been.


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