In Anticipation

This week 9000 Nazarene teenagers have descended upon downtown St. Louis for Nazarene Youth Congress ’07. As a teen who attended NYC Toronto in 1999 I remember what an exciting week it was in my life and all that the Lord taught me. I therefore spent part of my Tuesday afternoon helping load canned food items into a 26 foot truck to go toward a modern day “feeding of the 5000.” I don’t know who these 5000 families will be, or how they have been chosen and will receive this food, but I pray they will know the love of Jesus through this act of giving. After the canned food was loaded I did a little bit of shopping at the St. Louis Mills and was excited to find a few items on sale at the Gap outlet that I will enjoy wearing this summer and fall. My next stop took me to the Delmar Loop where I bought two books on my summer reading list at Subterranean Books: On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan and Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. While I love this independent/used bookstore, the goal of my trip to the Loop was to catch the afternoon matinee of Once – the Irish film about two musicians who meet on the streets of Dublin. This has been the one movie I’ve wanted to catch this summer and since it was only playing in one location, I was excited about finally getting to see it (especially for the matinee price). The plot was so simple, almost documentary-like, and the music so original, beautiful, and moving. I left the Tivoli humming one of the tunes featured – it’s always so nice when music sticks with you, following you for days to come. After picking up a new calendar/planner that I had my eye on at the Container Store (for graduate school, of course) I left the city a happy girl for all I had accomplished.

Tomorrow morning I leave bright and early for a weekend trip to Kansas City via the Amtrak. While I’ve never ridden a long distance on a train, I associate this long-forgotten means of transportation as romantic and relaxing. I look forward to having approximately 5 hours to enjoy the passing scenery, read, knit, listen to music, and rest. And with the price of gas jumping yet again, my $45 round trip ticket looks to be a better bargain by the hour. Ryan’s sweet wife Laura will be picking me up when I arrive in KC and I anticipate a terrific weekend being a guest in their home. Now to pack and decide which books are going to keep me company on my journey across the state…


2 thoughts on “In Anticipation

  1. Sigh. I miss the Loop. Fitz’s Rootbeer, the Tivoli, Blueberry Hill – and just the people that you see walking up and down the sidewalks. It’s such a hodgepodge of eclectic people, and I miss the culture. I’m so glad you had fun!

  2. yay for you! I love visiting the GAP outlet. We have no GAP in springtown anymore, so osage beach is the closest. I love riding the train! I rode it from Chicago to KC once…that was a bit too long. But I loved watching people and reading lots and lots and watching the world pass by. I haven’t forgotten about you sending you that picture…I’m having computer issues with my kodak easy share:)

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