Moving on with my life

In the past almost month that has elapsed since last updating my blog, so much has happened. Namely, I’ve moved and subsequently gotten settled in my new apartment (photos to come soon, I hope) – it’s starting to feel like “home” which is nice. I think I have finally gotten my schedule to the point where I can tolerate it. Last night I was fitfully awake for almost 2 hours as my body ached with fever over all the boxes I’ve lifted over the past few weeks and the 12-15 lb. backpack I’ve had to carry for the past 3 days (more than 10% of my body weight). So to make today better than yesterday I tossed all of my books in my rolling suitcase (much better on the ole’ back), dropped the 5 hour “beginner” French course (undergrad prerequisite that I do not have) that was way beyond my beginner level…especially having to take it at 8:00 in the morning (gag) and added Italian diction instead. Other highlights of my week were getting a parking ticket (double gag), happily starting paperwork to use the MU student plan to buy a new Macbook w/ 30G iPod (should arrive next week), and having my first official voice lesson with my new instructor where we brainstormed ideas for my recital in the spring of 2009 – thinking a recital of all women composers…cool.
Many of you will receive an e-mail including my new contact information. Look for it soon!

…”My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9a


8 thoughts on “Moving on with my life

  1. My birthday is September 27.We did visit the ragtag. Very enjoyable!I don’t own a Mac, but that’s all I’ve ever used at work. I LOVE them! Unless something major happens, I’ll never buy another PC.Let me know what your schedule is. We’ll figure something out =0)

  2. HEY!!  Life sounds pretty exciting for you right now!  I’m so happy for you!  I’m sure things are busy but try not to get bogged down by it and enjoy the ‘newness’ of it all!  It’s so exciting when God takes us down a new path!

  3. wow…you sound pretty busy. I’m glad you don’t have to take french at 8 am. I’m glad i called you too…happy you’re getting settled in:) I went to Moberly last weekend to see the fam. My “highlights” from this week were: burning 2 of my fingers on my flat iron, my sister leaving for college, and Matt finding out he had been scammed on the internet. Ugg.

  4. good choice in dropping the 8am class.  to quote an sbu yearbook, “all the freshmen say yech!”  but i’m so excited for you…so many fun prospects right now.  your recital idea sounds great!  not to mention laptops and ipods…  i hope you thoroughly enjoy this fall at school.oh, i haven’t read pearl buck’s book in years.  The Good Earth is one of my all-time favorite reads.  i’m working on Guns, Germs, and Steel right now…matt got me into it. 

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