Don’t drink the Scope

Since moving into my new apartment, my sleep schedule has taken some adjustments to feel completely comfortable sleeping in a new place with new sounds and arrangements. Last night/early this morning I was sleeping pretty well until a little after 4:00 when I awoke with my throat being a little sore. In hopes of nipping this little annoyance in the bud, I crawled out of bed to gargle with a little bit of peroxide (a great home remedy). This seemed to work well but I didn’t like the after taste of peroxide in my mouth so I decided to follow up this regiment with some Scope. As I was taking a sip of Scope what I didn’t mean to happen did: I swallowed some Scope. Keep in mind it’s 4:00 in the morning and I’m still quite sleepy, so as I looked at the back of the bottle the bolded words If ingested, seek professional help immediately jumped out even more at me. I tried to go back to sleep but I kept thinking something drastic might happen with swallowed Scope in my system, so I called the 1-800 number on the back, which referred me to another number, which I called, and was told by a very kind lady that I would be fine. Due to the high alcohol content in Scope it’s not good for kids, but adults can handle it better. (Think of Meredith on The Office when she licks the hand sanitizer.) So with a few more sips of water to dilute the Scope now in my system (which probably had the same type of effect as Nyquil), I fell back asleep knowing I would awake in a few hours without any green goo coming out of my pores.
The moral of this story is: don’t try to gargle with Scope at 4:00 in the morning…


7 thoughts on “Don’t drink the Scope

  1. Do you think we could be sharing sore throat germs from this far away?? 🙂 That story cracks me up. I’d personally be more terrified of swallowing the peroxide…hee hee. I’m glad you’re settling in!! I want to see your new place!

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