My New Mum

A superb weekend all in all. My pre-weekend (Thursday night) included having Brooke help me make an emergency “stitch witch” hem for my new concert dress so it would be a respectable length for my first performance on Friday night. Leaving it like it came was NOT an option since the size I ordered and the way it fit were NOT in tandem. We chopped off a good 4 inches and then hemmed it. The sleeves still need some attention, but the good news is…it’s washable. Nice. The concert went well with four of the university choirs performing. Our choir, University Singers, sang last and our three memorized songs ended the concert nicely. Afterward, I enjoyed an outdoor dinner and pleasant (dorky music) conversation with a couple of my new graduate music friends.

Saturday morning I awoke and hauled myself out of bed to find the local farmers market. Some fresh raspberries, potatoes (‘taters is literally how the farmer referred to them), sweet potatoes, flat leaf lettuce, and a new mum rounded out my purchases.

Considering the last mums I had were eaten by the moles in my yard, leaving this one in the planter on my patio will ensure its intactness. It looks happy next to the pumpkin given to me and harvested from the farm of friends back home.

Saturday evening I altogether avoided the insanity of the first home MU football game of the season and instead thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the bells and whistles on my new Macbook when using the free wireless at Panera. And then after church on Sunday night I hosted my two new sweet PK friends to my apartment. We had a blast watching the Emmys and providing our own couch/viewer commentary.

In music news, I’m currently on a quest to gather
recordings of Beethoven’s nine symphonies. My theory professor is
teaching a class on all nine next semester, which I want to take as one
of my theory credit options. I hear it’s quite difficult, with him
literally dropping the needle during the final. Therefore, I’m starting
my quest now and doing my best to familiarize myself with themes found
in the various movements and symphonies so that I’ll already be ahead of the game when January rolls around.

I’m also planning on attending opening night of the 07-08 SLSO concert
season with my friend Lou this coming Saturday. The second half of the
program will feature Stravinsky’s Petrushka.
Nothing like a little music history field trip to motivate and inspire
the paper I’m currently researching. (I might even be a big dork and
bring my score along.)

And thus, another week begins.

4 thoughts on “My New Mum

  1. That mum is so pretty! I haven’t bought one yet this year, but I have my eye on a yellow one at a nursery here in town. You sounds super-busy, but it also sounds like you’re really having fun with everything. And that’s what matters! xoxo

  2. Oh yes, those were the days…  We had good tree-climbing times 🙂  There’s still a little sloth at heart.Your mums are beeeyoutiful!  Mums always make me smile, no matter what.  I hope mid-terms are going well for you! 

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