The January That Is

The semester has officially begun, with me taking a whopping 17 credit hours. This just might be self-inflicted graduate school suicide. But we’ll see. This semester will test my resolve to see if I can attain my goal of graduating in 2 years.

In happier news, January has been filled with reflection and the promise of a wonderful year to come. A return to Columbia on New Year’s Eve, reading 3 books the first 3 days of the new year (“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, “Mosaic” by Amy Grant, “Ana’s Story” by Jenna Bush), watching most of the third season of “Alias,” spending time with Aarik & Brooke, Kyle & Abby, Ryan & Laura, MU friends Joel, Laura, & Buddy, and a visit from my folks and grandma to see the Tigers play Texas in a home basketball game have made for a well-rounded post-Christmas break.

My goals for 2008:
– grow out my hair for the sake of donation
– read more novels that have won the Pulitzer prize for fiction
– memorize the entire book of Hebrews

Favorite books of 2007:
– Eat, Pray, Love ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
– The Road ~ Cormac McCarthy
– On Chesil Beach ~ Ian McEwan
– The Thirteeth Tale ~ Diane Satterfield (this is the one I forgot)

Favorite movies of 2007:
– Once
– The Pursuit of Happyness
– Lars and the Real Girl

Last week USingers took Chicago by storm. Well, sort of. Saturday, our free day, was cold, oh so cold, with a high of 5 degrees with wind chills below zero. My long johns and cashmere sweater felt so good. Regardless of the temperatures, tour was filled with wonderful music making in some beautifully acoustic churches, good recruitment in local high schools, and a dose of culture by visiting the Art Institute of Chicago (check out my photo blog), and a behind the scenes tour of the Lyric Opera House where we got to see them setting up for John Adams’ “Doctor Atomic.” All told, the week with my choir friends reacclimated me to being around people and jump started my music making skills, which will begin in earnest tomorrow.

Today’s announcement of Oscar nominations provides that added impetus to see a few more films before now and February 24. Also acquired today are three new (to me) hardback books for $4.00 at the Friends of the Library sale: “Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt, “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers, and “Summerland” by Michael Chabon.

And away we go…


8 thoughts on “The January That Is

  1. Super, super cool goals. Hebrews is my favorite book of the bible…that is such an awesome goal!! I’m so glad you had a great, albeit cold, time in Chi-town…if you don’t kill yourself over your insane 17 hours, we need to meet at the lake for some downtime/girl time/relaxation. I’ll be praying that you survive, that you don’t wear yourself down and get sick – you know I worry about you!! xoxoxoxo

  2. – The Road ~ Cormac McCarthyAwesome book. I actually picked this up and read it on a whim while on tour. It was amazing. McCarthy is amazing. I love how he doesn’t use proper punctuation during his characters dialog.Upon finishing that I read No Country For Old  Men before seeing the movie. It was a great. Viggo Mortenson will be starring with a newcomer in the film adaptation of The Road in 2008/2009.

  3. I always compare the movies and books I’ve been consuming to your lists because i know you know the good ones and we think very similarly:) My goals for this year: buy a laptop, reconnect with a family I used to be good friends with from house church (we just kind of lost touch and it makes me sad), join the YMCA and work out 3 times a week (got that one down so far!), finish paying off my debt (should be next month), and move to KC. There you have it:)

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