Becoming Brave

The beginning of the semester and the work it entails brings a reemergence of the callus on my right middle finger. My new Papermate pencils (or any school supply for that matter) bring a smile to my face. Paige Davis returning to “Trading Spaces” on TLC also brings a smile to my face.

In my quest to see more Oscar-nominated movies, this weekend I was able to check two more off my list: “Atonement” and “The Savages.” While I haven’t yet read the book, the film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” was laced with sensuality, beautifully photographed, authentically costumed, and incorporated inventive non-musical and yet rhythmic elements in its stirring score. I also saw “The Savages” – a poignant look at two adult siblings (Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman) dealing with the rapid physical decline of their aging father. It struck a familiar chord since my family is currently dealing with a similar situation. While the subject matter of this film was more serious, the approach was taken in a lighthearted and genuine manner; very endearing. The prospect of seeing “The Diving Belle and the Butterfly,” “I’m Not There,” and “Persepolis” in the upcoming month of February will check three more movies off of my Oscar to-see list. Thank goodness for the Ragtag.

Speaking of lists, what does it mean that I’m already constructing my spring and summer reading lists?…

I’ve never been a music-listening music major, but lately I’m finding the more I sing, compose, and surround myself with music, the more I am reminded how much I love my field and profession.

Newsworthy moment of Monday: Chelsea Clinton visited MU on the campaign trail for her mama. I would’ve stayed and listened to her spiel, but I had a German quiz to study for and an early lunch to consume. You see where my priorities were.

Today our church begins a 40 day study entitled “Rendezvous: A Sacred Encounter with God” by Frank Moore. I anticipate the personal aspect of the study to be fulfilling and the Sunday small group study/follow-up to be insightful and encouraging. This will therefore encompass the Lenten season and will conclude shortly before Easter. I’m already beginning to ponder in my heart what personal sacrifice I can incorporate into my life during this meaningful time of the year. We’ve also begun rehearsing for our Easter cantata “My Chains are Gone” – a contemporary look at freedom in Christ. It’s going to be super.

…so long status quo, I think I just let go, you make me want to be brave…


6 thoughts on “Becoming Brave

  1. It was so, so good to talk to you last night! I love how our conversations never seem to end. Also, that’s hilarious about Ms. Clinton! I would have picked lunch and studying over her any day. 🙂
    Hang in there – don’t let anyone discourage you this week. I love you!

  2. I like your new profile picture.  Cool sun glasses.  You do have a good profession.  I was always the complete opposite music major, constantly listening to music.  Good luck with the opera and your other classes.

  3. i can see all sorts of aspects of life where it’s present, but music and math are the two that i know anything much about, however limited that is, even.  I wasn’t even trying to make any point with it, I was just standing outside and the thoughts came to me, and I felt the need to write so I could wear down enough to sleep.  heh.

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