Improving and Gaining Clarity

On the whole, I don’t see the use in complaining. Therefore, this will not be a gripe session, instead it will be a statement of facts retelling all that happened to me last week and how I sought to see the silver lining in the dark clouds.
– I began the week sick with the upper respiratory junk. It’s still hanging on…but, thankfully, getting better daily.
– My hot water heater went out. But the kind maintenance man came and fixed it last Sunday afternoon.
– My computer hard drive crashed. My fun little MacBook that’s only 5 months old had to be resuscitated by the kind computer people at school. My warranty covered a new hard drive and all of my necessary files and pictures were backed up without incident. The upside of this was discovering that I can now access wireless internet at my apartment. Thank you, kind neighbor without protection on your wireless account.
– I slipped on the ice on a metal grate in front of the Memorial Union. Thankfully, my friends were there to literally pick me up and make me laugh about it.
– And I’ve decided to switch my degree next fall. After much deliberation, I’ve come to realize that while I enjoy music, I don’t want to be a struggling musician for the rest of my life, and furthermore want to enjoy music on my own terms and sing the style of music with which I feel most comfortable. So, I dropped 6 of my previous 17 hours, giving me a much more comfortable 11 hours, and will finish out this semester learning more about vocal performance. Come next fall, however, I will place my emphasis in the field of Library Science so I can become a children’s librarian. My love for children’s books, the library, and the guarantee of finding a job that can support me place my mind and heart at rest – I am more peaceful and less stressed than I have been in months. This entire situation comes as a patient answer to prayer.

Thinking of books, I picked up “The Art Thief” by Noah Charney from the library last week and felt weird when I heard the news about the recent art theft in Switzerland. Bizarre, I tell you, bizarre.

Despite last week being filled with frustrations, there were some high points worth noting too. Our church began our 40 day book study “Rendezvous,” I began my personal observation of Lent, I enjoyed a late breakfast dinner at Waffle House with friends Isaac, Stephanie, Brad, Josh, and Amber after church on Wednesday night, and the opportunity to eat and catch up with Davey, Jim, Kyle, Aarik, and Brooke on Saturday night. I am blessed with such wonderful friends.

Today I enjoyed a free cup of decaf coffee from McDonald’s thanks to their free coffee Mondays. It hit the spot, especially since walking in the sleet around campus made me cold. Tonight I made stuffed peppers for the first time. They turned out really well and I have leftovers to enjoy later this week! Tomorrow night I’m SUPER excited that the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra is performing at MU! This past weekend they premiered music from John Adams’ “Dr. Atomic” composition at Powell, and they will also be performing this same program tomorrow night! Here I come! Friday night I will be singing in a Bach cantata, “Christ lag in Todesbanden” (Christ Lay in Death’s Dark Prison), and am excited for another great opportunity to perform with some wonderful local vocalists and instrumentalists in this small chamber ensemble.

And thankfully, this week has started out better than last. After all, how much can one girl take?


3 thoughts on “Improving and Gaining Clarity

  1. I’m surprised to learn of your MacBook’s potential demise, as I’ve heard nothing but good about those, yet I still own PCs (or notebooks, whatever).
    I’m sorry you were sick.  I hate being sick.  It makes me feel out of control.  I don’t like to be out of control.
    I can so see you being a librarian.  I’ve picked up that you like to read a lot, so that sounds awesome!!  Plus, you can’t beat children’s literature.

  2. Looks like you have had a very eventful week! I’m glad that everything worked out for the better. I think the new major will suit you and am so glad to hear that your decision has brought you peace. That is so important. Can’t the music world be frustrating? It can, at times, lose its luster. That’s why we have 80s power ballads to cheer us back up:)

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