Nothing Says Valentine’s Day Like a New Set of Retainers

You may call me the model orthodontic patient. It’s been 12 1/2 years since my braces were joyfully removed and since that time, I’ve faithfully worn my retainers while I sleep. Yes, I’m a big nerd. But a big nerd who is afraid of having my teeth move back to their natural, unflattering state, and was scared within an inch of my life by my intimidating orthodontist, so I have worn my retainers like a good girl since I was 14.

That said, a problem arose week before last when I was sick and did something really dumb. What do you do when you’re recovering from being sick? Buy a new toothbrush, of course. But since I didn’t feel up to braving the snow and going to the store to buy a new toothbrush, I opted for plan B: pour boiling water over said toothbrush to disinfect it. And while I was at it, I somehow thought pouring boiling hot water over my plastic retainers would be a good thing. Um, yeah, not so much. When I stupidly attempted to put them comfortably back on my teeth, I was devistated to realize that my well-intentioned actions brought ruin to my 12 1/2 year old retainers. (And pouring boiling water on them to re-stretch them didn’t work so well either. Believe me, I tried.) So I called my orthodontist and drove almost 2 hours yesterday for an emergency set of new, shiny, clean, retainers. I would include photos, but who really wants to see a photo of the mold of my teeth? Still, my new ones are really tight (I mean that in the physical sense) but I am glad that my chompers are now guaranteed to stay in place for another 12 1/2 or so years.

It had been several months since visiting my greater home town area and took full advantage of the sunny day to be out and about. I bought a new pair of kelly green flats at Payless that are oh so cute and am wearing them today (see photo blog), had lunch with one of my dear professor/mentor friends with whom I used to work, took care of some banking business, and stopped to see a dear family friend from our former church before heading West. Once returning home I kept a Valentinesy theme and fixed spaghetti for dinner, a la Lady and the Tramp. I also enjoyed watching “Father of the Bride,” which I had somehow never before seen. The evening was made complete by being serenaded by Michael Buble and reading in “The Secret Life of Bees.”

As previously mentioned, the SLSO came to town on Tuesday night and it was a spectacular peformance! There was a little mishap with the transport that provided some of the musical instruments and tuxedos from St. Louis, so as a result the performance was about a half-hour late starting. While standing in the foyer, waiting for the doors to open, I ran into Christy McDermont from SBU days – what a small world! Once inside, seeing so many familiar faces on stage was like having a bit of home come to visit me. The entire program fit together wonderfully and included Brahms’ “Tragic Overture,” Berg’s Violin Concerto, and Sibelius’ “Tapiola,” then ended with John Adams’ newest composition “Dr. Atomic Symphony” (based on his newest opera). The SLSO performed the U.S. premiere at Powell this past weekend, which makes Columbia only the second city in America to have heard it! It was so jazzy, rhythmic, complex, tonal, not what I expected, fun – you could see it on the performers faces, and I swear David Robertson’s feet briefly left the podium as he emphatically conducted the final note of the 29 minute, one movement symphony. As he stated before hand, “buckle your seat belts,” which says a lot considering this piece is dedicated to him.

And now it’s Friday. Yesterday felt like a Friday, but I will relinquish that idea and stick to what the calendar says today is. And for the record, I’m ready for spring.


4 thoughts on “Nothing Says Valentine’s Day Like a New Set of Retainers

  1. I read “The Secret Life of Bees” several years ago. Someone bought it for my dad (because he’s a beekeeper) but… you may realize….it’s not really about bees. So I read it and enjoyed it. I love anything with a good story.
    I remember my first day of that music class that Penticuff taught where we listened to a music selection at the end of class. It was also by John Adams-“Short Ride in a Fast Machine” I had played it in high school and liked it and remembered it. I was so proud of myself. I heard about Dr. Atomic on the radio and want to hear it. See if it’s anything like I remember John Adams being like 🙂

  2. It cracks me up that you still wear your retainer. I think I lost mine when I was 17…and haven’t worn one since. Oh well. That’s what dental insurance is for. 🙂
    It was great talking to you last night – you made my lonely Valentine’s day so happy!! xoxo

  3. Oh I love you! Sorry about the retainers…but glad you got it fixed:) Just don’t pour hot water on this set for another 12 1/2 years:) And the new shoes…oh, that makes me happy. Almost as happy as the new book I bought today in the airport. You would love it. I think it’s called Friday Night Knitting Club. Or something like that. Oh, and check out   It’s a great sitet where you can get books from others and send your books that you won’t reread (let’s face it, some are too depressing or long to read twice:). You get points everytime you send them to others and then you receive more. All it costs is the postage. Anywho, I’m excited about it and thought of you:) Much love!

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