The Harsh Reality of Perspective

Why is it that I so often forget that life should be more simple; that I should appreciate the small things and not worry about the trivial things that cause me unnecessary frustration? Tuesday afternoon I had to wait in line at the post office for 45 minutes and became quite perturbed about this situation. But later that night my perspective was suddenly and rudely regained when I found out that Mike, a dear friend from our former church, died from a heart attack while at work earlier that day. I just saw Mike’s wife Charlene last week when I was home and discussed with her the prospect of seeing them if they came to watch the state high school basketball playoffs in March. I’m so glad the Lord ordered my steps to visit her that afternoon. I was asked to sing at the funeral tomorrow morning, but due to the inclement weather I’m sadly not going to be able to go.

Because of this untimely loss, I’ve been reminded to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in my every day life. Since last updating, I have been able to delight in the following:
– grocery shopping at Aldi and getting everything I needed for less than $20
– though I had to wait longer than expected, I did inherit 16 minutes at the parking meter outside the post office
– getting the next two DVD installments of “Alias” Season 4 at the library
– my voice finally returning to normal after being sick! Subsequently singing some quality Renaissance music with talented friends. We have a concert next Friday night in a terrifically acoustic space that works in tandem with the art and archeology departments
– submitting paperwork to begin the process of entering my new grad. program
– discovering how to recover/save files currently on my iPod that were lost when my hard drive crashed
– vacuuming (long overdue)
– staying on track in my “Rendezvous” reading for our book study at church
– enjoying Discovery Channel shows “Myth Busters,” “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe,” and “Cash Cab”
– finding out that I will be receiving a nice sized refund check from Uncle Sam this year
– heartfelt worship at church last night
– eating with friends – a late dinner with friends Stephanie, Markli, and Maresa at Steak ‘n Shake last night after church and lunch today with Robin and Matt at a local Indian restaurant. We ate so much and enjoyed each other’s company even more
– the book reviews in the Thursday “USA Today”
– singing in studio class today and receiving some positive feedback on two of my Mrs. H.H.A. Beach selections
– finding a sweet letter from my grandma in my mailbox when I returned home and also chatting with Addie this afternoon (sharing in a snowy day discussion warmed my heart)

So when I weigh the pros versus the cons, the pros win. Even when I don’t think they do and I feel like my life is in an endless state of winter, I have to keep looking for the good in every situation. How I am ready for my own spring awakening, though…


3 thoughts on “The Harsh Reality of Perspective

  1. I just have to say that I’ve really enjoyed talking to you over the past couple weeks. I need my “Sarah Fix!” Hopefully I’ll have more news about what we talked about yesterday in the coming weeks…SO EXCITED! You know how I am…I totally get my hopes up about everything. 🙂 Love you and always thinking of you…

  2. I want a large check from Uncle Sam:) But I understand if I don’t get it. I dont’ always get what I want. Yay for looking on the bright side. I’ve spent some significant time in the b-town post office.

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