You Lift Me Up

Ah, Thursday. My favorite day of the week. The day of the USA Today Book Review and the day I only have to be on campus for my voice studio at 12:00 and rehearsal with my (fabulous accompanist) Jimmy at 1:00. I was pleased that today’s rehearsal went well. Productive progress always makes me glad. I’m currently working on two songs by Faure (French), a Mahler art song (German), and two songs in a Libby Larsen set (English).

Yesterday, I felt the Lord’s presence near to me – it’s such a comfort. It started when I meditated on Psalm 139 “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me….I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” and Judges 6:14-16, “Go in the strength you have…I will be with you.” It continued throughout the day and was equally special last night. Last week my friends, who lead Wednesday night worship for the teens at church, asked if I would be interested in playing piano this week. They have a regular pianist, but he also plays drums, so with a little switcheroo, I was in! I’ve never really played in a praise band before, but since following I-IV-V-vi-V-I chords (i.e. Jesus in G) isn’t hard, I said “Sure!” I was previously unfamiliar with the chorus “Even If I Fall” (it tosses in a nice V/iii chord to spice things up) and it’s now climbing the charts to be a newfound favorite. “And though my way seems uncertain, in you I put my hope…even when I fall you lift me up.” It was evident to us all that the Holy Spirit’s anointing was on our time together and that we would leave differently than we came. Following our time of worship, our young adult class met to watch another installment of Rob Bell’s “Nooma” series – this one entitled “Kickball.” It was such a good object lesson in remembering we can’t have all we want, and realizing that when God says NO, it means that He has something better in store. Words I needed to hear. (My unread copy of Rob Bell’s “Velvet Elvis” sits forlornly on my nightstand, begging to be read.) Inspired scripture reading and heartfelt worship/introspective study were such nice bookends to my day.

Good news was also realized yesterday when I found out that my 12 page research paper on Stravinsky-Nijinsky-The Rite of Spring isn’t due to my professor until Wednesday after next; a week later than I originally thought. This realization takes the edge off of the pressure and stress that always makes me feel ill. I’m about halfway through my paper, but still need to add footnotes and organize my thoughts a little more clearly. I found out today that the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra has announced their 2008-2009 season, which will include “The Rite of Spring.” I. must. go.

Last week my friend Kate gave me a starter of Amish Friendship Bread. Yesterday was day 10 – baking day, which I didn’t do. I’ve just pulled my day 11 bread out of the oven (which has basically lain dormant over the past few weeks since I’ve given up sweets for Lent) and the smell in my apartment is lovely.

I relish the thought that I will get to visit my folks this weekend. While they’ve come to visit me on occasion over the past few months, I haven’t been to see them since Christmas. On Saturday night we have plans to go to a dinner theater at the small K-8 school where my dad works. It should be cute and fun! My mom also told me about a new yarn shop she discovered – a must see! Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the wife of my Schenkerian Analysis (a type of music theory) professor is also a knitter. My professor told me how his wife enjoys moebius knitting and passed along the title of a book that pertains to this circular method. I now have the book from the library, but think I might need a little personal instruction to understand how to get started. And because several of my friends are preggers, week before last I knitted my first baby booty! Yes, just one. Its little pair is on its way. (See Photo Blog)

Before returning home this afternoon, I did a little Easter shopping at a party supply store and also at Target. Besides finding a super cute dress, I also found some bargain pastel decorations that now adorn my kitchen, bathroom, and living room. (see Photo Blog for dress & decoration pictures) And a fun, new Easter wreath welcomes those who come to my door: friends, family, and maybe even the Easter bunny.

7 thoughts on “You Lift Me Up

  1. Sarah, I am so glad that you are blogging more! You always encourage me. It is nice to see (err read) about a calm life. Though it may not seem that way to you at times. Praise God! Thanks for sharing Sarah! -Alaska

  2. Haha!! Jesus in G. That cracks me up!! I’m so glad your paper isn’t due when you thought it was – I know you’ve been stressing about it, so I’m glad you have a little extra time on it. I know it will be a fabulous paper!!

  3. Nice photo blog.  I like the green shoes and dress.  I don’t think most guys could get away with wearing shoes that shiny except black ones with a tux, so I’ll just stick to boring brown and black shoes that are non-shiny.

  4. Oh you’re precious. God really did make us so alike…it’s nice to feel known by another soul like yourself:) My craft room is littered with card supplies but they will have to wait to be put togther for a few days as I have parent teacher conferences the next two nights. I guess I’ll relish it all the more:) My web site just might be real and i will need to have real cards to sell:) I love you!

  5. I’m driving to KC to fly to California to see my friend Rachel (Casey) Hamann. She was my roomie for a year and her and her husband and daughter live in LA. Yay for SPringbreak! I’m exhausted. 

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