Springing Forward

I’m still not for sure about this whole Daylight Saving Time deal. And despite popular belief, the correct pronunciation is “saving” (singular). It reminds me of how my grandma adds an “s” when she mentions shopping at Wal-Mart. Some things never change.
I like the extra hour of daylight in the afternoon, but I look forward to this jet-laggy feeling be absorbed into my normal sleep schedule.

The weekend was a good balance of rest and work. Highlights were:
– observing that most small towns between here and there have some sort of burger/ice cream parlor, and often not a McDonalds – how refreshing
– old men still use walking sticks to go check the mail at the end of their driveway
– no matter how far away I may roam, driving through the Ozarks always brings me peace and contentment. The simple, natural beauty still takes my breath away.
– there will always be a big truck or slowly moving vehicle that frustrates me. On the way home, I observed a truck transporting a load of live chickens. Feathers were blowing in the breeze, I kid you not.
– catching the old Dan Seals song “Bop” on the radio (oh…childhood memories), and feeling at home in my own skin as I listened to Alison Krauss & Union Station, Rich Mullins, and Chris Rice.
– visiting the new yarn shop with my mom and buying a pair of size 6 circular needles (I broke them in already!)
– getting to see both of my grandmas and one of my uncles
– attending the cute dinner theater at the school where my dad works – show tunes, oldies, and some more recent pop hits provided a variety for kids of all ages.
– singing harmony alongside my parents at church on Sunday morning
– taking a nap on Sunday afternoon
– finding time to study for the Vocal Repertory test on British composers I took yesterday
– heartily enjoying my iPod as I listened to a podcast from Lyric Opera about John Adams’ “Doctor Atomic” on my way to visit my parents and the short story “A Day” by William Trevor from the New Yorker fiction podcast on my way home. The short story was read by Jhumpa Lahiri (one of my fav.o.rite authors) and through the podcast found that this Pulitzer Prize winning author has a NEW BOOK of short stories, entitled “Unaccustomed Earth” coming out next month! I’ve already requested it from the library.

And a question for all of you, my friends, who so loyally read and respond: what are some of your road trip music/spoken word must-haves?

After taking my Vocal Rep. test yesterday, and turning in an extra credit project, I felt like I knocked it out of the park. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow. In thinking of baseball…mini soapbox: I’m hesitant about the rebuilding year the Cardinals face. Time will tell as to how well Pujols and Molina will be able to carry the team on their shoulders. Rolen, Edmonds, Eckstein, Taguchi, Spezio…all gone. And being traded to the Blue Jays? Of all teams. So what if they have a retractable dome and a Hard Rock Cafe in the Skydome? (It really is a nice stadium, I must admit.) And as much as I grumble now, I will remain a die hard Cardinals fan, one who will support her hometown team again this year, new players and all…


9 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. Wow, your weekend sounds awesome! I especially like the part about “feeling at home in my own skin” etc.As far as road trip music… hmmm… I tend to like Caedmon’s Call’s  “40 Acres” cd, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Skynyrd’s Innyrds”, John Mayer’s “Room for Squares”, Chis Rice’s “Snapshots, Live and Fan Favorites”, and a few other various country and folk/bluegrass cds. Also, it is always fun to tune into old country radio stations and listen for as long as I can pick them up. 

  2. I keep all nine Beethoven symphonies handy as well as the entire Beatles catalog for the road.  The ipod really helps out for variety.  I also spend a lot of car time listening to leadership development audios and sermons. ~Nathan

  3. I can handle a Cardinals rebuilding year as long as three things happen:
    1)  the Cubs DO NOT win the World Series (this is perhaps most important)
    2)  we don’t make stupid trades that involve our young studs (i.e. Colby Rasmus, Chris Perez, Brian Anderson) for guys that are over-the-hill
    3)  if we’re completely out of it by July, we have Albert get his surgery so that he’ll be ready for 2009

    I firmly believe that we simply won’t be that good this year, but 2009 looks MUCH more exciting.  The idea of having a full year of Carpenter and Mulder, Rasmus being our regular Center Fielder, and our young guys getting called up is pretty cool.  Look at me.  I’m turning into a Cubs fan… I’m already talking about next season!


  4. And I remain a Royals fan. I think it’s just that I would feel like a major traitor if I “converted” having grown up in KC. “That’s just not okay”(as I say to my kids at school).  Favorite road trip music? Definitely need some of the following: Sara Groves (for the contemplative and feeling known moments), The Fray, Brad Paisley, Rich Mullins, random mix CDs for good measure with who knows what, and my favorite soundtracks right now…Elizabeth town and Garden Stte. But I”m constantly evolving:) These are just the highlights recently.

  5. Big trucks in the way – were you driving through Hardy, AR?? That’s what always happens to us there. 🙂
    Road trip music – I usually just read while Matt listens to sports talk radio. Yeah, we’re boring. 🙂 But if it’s just me, I like Nichole Nordman or Bethany Dillon – totally uplifting and make me happy. Skillet to keep me awake.
    Miss you!!

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