Happy Wednesday Moments

***I thought I would have submitted this before midnight, but that didn’t happen, so it’s a recap of Wednesday events…on Thursday.***

I my predilection for making lists, here are some of my happiest Wednesday moments:
– waking up realizing I dreamt I was in Prague last night. What a happy dream.
– observed from a far the Stride gum company was advertising on campus today, giving away free samples, so I marched right up to their little umbrella-covered stand and helped myself to two of their flavors: Forever Fruit and Sweet Peppermint. I was needing to buy gum. Now I don’t have to.
– splurged on a Hi-C orange drink from McDonalds at lunch. I didn’t go all out and get it with a Happy Meal, I stuck with the big girl choice of a grilled chicken sandwich.
– heard an a.ma.zing Brazilian tenor sing today – and he’s only 22! His singing made me so completely happy, I started giggling like an 8 year old girl. And so not to be rude (I didn’t want the guy to think I was laughing at him!), I tried to suppress my giggling, which made my insides quiver. That’s what hearing him sing did to me today. Too bad he’s just visiting our school of music, but I’m convinced he’s going to be famous someday, I know it.
– (remember my big 17 page paper on Stravinsky, which I completed a few weeks ago?…) I received word today from my professor, who graded our papers over spring break, that he was very pleased with my work. It reminded him of the old days (he’s taught for 25 or so years at the University), so complements like these are very rare, and I will covet this one for many years to come. It’s so nice to be rewarded for hard work.
– borrowed “Alias” Season 5 from my friend Sami. To celebrate my Stravinsky-paper achievement, I watched several episodes and concurrently knitted several more rows on the baby blanket project that has my needles currently occupied. Photos to come hopefully soon…
– drove by a man push mowing his front yard. Ah, the smell of freshly cut grass. Spring is here.
– watched another Rob Bell “Nooma” video – this one entitled “Lump,” dealing with God’s love and forgiveness. It stimulated great discussion in our young adult class at church tonight. Counting myself, we had 10 in attendance – not too bad for our Wednesday night gathering!
– listened to the Cardinals game on the radio on my way to and from church. I just love knowing that it’s baseball season again and that I can listen to the game, no matter how far away I am from home plate.

All in all, it’s been a great day. God is good.


2 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday Moments

  1. What a fantastic compliment on your paper! I’m so happy about that – I know how hard you worked on that and how much time you spent on it. You ROCK!!! Oh, and I love McD’s orange drink – but I always cave and get the happy meal. šŸ™‚ Miss you!

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