Saturdays, how I enjoy them so. Today marks a restful end to a busy week. Last night’s performance of “Carmina Burana” went really well. 200+ musicians on stage, 1300+ audience members in attendance, two pianos, a gong, the humorous reminder from one of my professors that it “really is about the Nazis, you know,” and sharing a gigantic cookie loaded with ice cream and chocolate sauce afterward with friends…I can’t imagine a more fun Friday night. This morning I awoke to meditate on Psalm 27, knitted on my current baby afghan project (it’s reaching the completion stage), and watched “Veggie Tales” on NBC’s Saturday morning cartoon lineup. It’s been forever since I’ve watched anything resembling cartoons on Saturday morning and was so pleased to catch a glimpse of the “Veggie Tales” version of the story of Moses as a baby. I was entertained and uplifted as I sat in my jammies with a cup of coffee in hand.

This week I have journaled more, rested in God’s presence more, enjoyed crossword puzzles and the New York Times more, sung more, laughed more, and baked more than I have in a long time. This means that I have felt more like myself and more alive than I have in a long time, which is always a good thing.

Speaking of baking, I’ve been a baking fiend this week! The annual arrival of State Music contest meant that my classes were blissfully cancelled, which allowed me more time to play Betty Crocker. Thursday morning I donned my St. Louis Cardinals apron and rolled up my sleeves to churn out a loaf of banana bread. While the oven was hot, I proceeded to bake five dozen chocolate-peanut butter chip cookies (three dozen of which I shared with my alma mater high school band directors to pass along to their current delegation as a welcome and wish-you-well treat). Giving to others and seeing or hearing their pleased and surprised reaction makes giving even more fun and so much more of a blessing. And for the first time, yesterday morning I made crepes for breakfast. (These I stingily didn’t share with anyone.) With a little pat of butter and some fresh strawberries, IHOP doesn’t hold anything on me. For lunch I tried my hand at broiling fresh asparagus (thanks to a suggestion in “Real Simple” magazine). My hearty greens, partnered with talipia, made for one tasty and healthy lunch, and counterbalanced the crepes I had for breakfast. Well, sort of.

Right now I await answers to many questions. Maybe one will be answered this week: Will I find a part-time job this summer? Earlier this week I expressed interest in working in the University Office of Disabilities and was contacted about scheduling an interview this week. We’ll see what comes of it!

Coming soon – my summer reading list. It’s exciting, really it is. To tide you over, check out my photo blog for some pictures of campus in bloom.

As the songs says, “and I could not ask for more.”


3 thoughts on “More

  1. Sarah, You are always inspiring & encouraging me! Yay! It is awesome to read about GOD in your life. Have you read Unaccustomed Earth yet? I am half way through it. Also, where did you get your StL Cardinals apron? I want one! Have a lovely weekend! I cannot wait to read your summer reading list. I am going to be working on mine as well…

  2. RYC: Ha! You always make me laugh. Just the image of “theme park pores…” Hee hee. I haven’t been in ages, so I think we’ll have a good time. The run was…interesting this morning. My co-worker and I finished dead last, which we had fun with, running in like morons and completely making fools of ourselves. How else to finish properly when you’re last?? 🙂 Five miles of hills…I’m going to take a nap sooooon. Ok, now I’m reading your post. And once again, I’m laughing. Out loud. Nazis and a gong…plus cookies? What an exciting night you had!! And I love your new background. And asparagus. When do I get to see you again??

  3. Ahhh… down time… that is nice. I’m glad to hear you had some time to relax:) Portugal was great, a real eye opener! I’ll be writing a little about it over the next few days and hopefully I will have some pictures soon. Surprisingly, I was so caught up in the beauty of the land that I forgot to include myslef in any of the photos. oops… Oh well, more pictures are coming from the group:)

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