May Day

I am so much happier with myself when I am productive, and today has been a productive day. I am entering the home stretch in the completion of my year-long study of Stravinsky and Nijinsky and today met with my professor to go over semantics. I left the appointment feeling like I remain in a good place and that he is on my side in this whole process. Now to add a few of my own thoughts in the conclusion, tweak some grammatical and structural issues, and proofread it a few more times. For anyone wanting to add a research paper to your summer reading list, let me know and I’ll e-mail you a copy. 🙂

There is only one more week of classes, followed by juries & finals, and then school is out. Can this really be? My body is so ready for a break, or a massage, whichever comes first. This week I interviewed for a summer job working on campus in the office of disabilities. It would only be part-part-time (7-10 hours a week) and not even for the whole summer, which means I have to get on the stick to find some other sort of other part-time employment. (I sure wish the public library would have some spots open up…if nothing else, I think I’m going to be a volunteer.) I am also pondering enrolling in two 1 hour courses to get a head start on my new library science grad program. There’s also a good chance I’m going to take summer choir, which will be a lot of fun!

Through the help of (my new favorite daily inbox treat), I discovered another fun website that will possibly make me an even bigger bookworm than I already am:, which catalogs people’s personal libraries, including those of famous people. Maybe one day I’ll be a famous person and all the world can see my personal library. Wouldn’t that be neat? And as I look at the RagTag schedule for May, there are lots of movies listed that I would so enjoy seeing. Namely “Young At Heart” – senior citizens performing rock ‘n roll classics…who wouldn’t enjoy this?!

Check out in my photo blog: my 5 inch long ponytail, in this the 5th month of the year. Only 3-5 more months & subsequent inches to go until it’s chopped off, donated to a worthy cause, and my remaining hair can be molded into a fun, short ‘do again.

Today I am thankful for high fives and aluminum foil.

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