In one week my first year of graduate school will be over. And it will be my birthday – what a way to celebrate! While I wish I could have joined my parents in Branson this weekend for a mini-holiday or gone to hear my friends sing “Carmina Burana” at the SLSO, the dutiful student in me has decided to stay home and work/practice/study for next week’s juries, finals, and presentations. I should get a gold star.

Today I found out that I have INDEED been accepted into the Master of Library Science (MLS) graduate program for next year! Which means I don’t have to take the silly GRE again. Which means that I can now plan next fall’s class schedule, and however long it will take me to get my degree. Which means that my ability to *hopefully* get an assistantship next year carries more weight. Which means that my load has been lifted and that God is still God, and I am not. I celebrated tonight by going to IHOP. Their whole “come hungry, leave happy” slogan is a clever and true one. Sharing my happy news with dear friends, and having them share in my excitement and tell me they love me is truly a blessing. Yesterday I came across this New York Times article.
It aptly describes this “odyssey” I’m on, and so are many of you.

Other bright spots in my week included:
– meeting a new neighbor, who moved in on Wednesday night. Her name is Rory (like on the Gilmore Girls) and I want to be her friend.
– enjoying The Office on Thursday night. I like where this Jim & Pam thing is headed.
– finishing up three projects!!! (Note the three exclamation points. One for each project.)
– sharing a batch of my no-bake cookies with friends.
– using a coupon from Walgreens to get a free 8 x 10 made of one of my photos. It now needs to be hung in a prominent place on my wall.
– attending the theatre department’s one act scenes. My friend Sam is so talented – he made me laugh.
– finishing C.S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian. I am now ready to go see the new movie rendition next weekend, perhaps as a birthday/school’s out treat. I’m always interested in comparing books to movies (though the book almost always wins out).
– finding out that Coldplay is going to be in Kansas City on tour this summer. Oh how I anticipate their new album and how I would so enjoy seeing them live again.
– attempting to get into a routine of exercising again – 2 days in a row is a start!

There is so much for which to be thankful. And I am.

*Check out my photo blog for recent photographic capturings.


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