Silver Lining

Talk about God’s timing and seeing the silver lining in the cloud! Yesterday I took my application, resume, and other necessary paperwork to the public school HR office around 10:30 and felt confident that I had everything in order. I left and went to campus to check my e-mail and pick up a USA Today (book review day, of course). Around 11:30 my phone buzzed, but since I didn’t recognize the number and didn’t want to carry on a conversation in the library, let it go to voice mail. When I checked my voice mail a few minutes later, I was so surprised to understand that one of the elementary schools had already been notified of my interest and called to schedule an interview with me! As I was talking with the principal, I heard another call come in, but let it go to voice mail so I could finish my conversation. As I ended the first conversation, I was even more surprised to discover that the other call was from a second principal at another elementary school in town! So I now have two interviews today! Both of the jobs are similar in work load and pay, so I will wait and see how they go, and then make a decision if I am offered a positions. I left campus with a smile on my face and God’s peace radiating throughout my entire being.

EDIT: And I have read 7 books during the month of July. I looked back in my trusty reading log and verified my status. Being ahem, “between jobs,” shall we say, has given me ample time to let the book worm in me shine forth during this past month. 🙂


One thought on “Silver Lining

  1. Congrats on the interviews — that is fantastic!!! I can’t wait to hear how the interviews go. I’ve read four books this week, but only because I’ve restarted the Chronicles of Narnia, and they are short enough to read in about a day =0)

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