Drum roll please

So, yesterday was the big double-whammy job interview day. During the first interview, I met with the principal, the district technology coordinator, and the other librarian with whom I would be working. Their interviewing method followed a standard format and I was confident in the way I answered the questions as straight forward as I could. The school is west of town, has two classrooms per grade level, for a total of only about 250 students K-5, so a pretty homey environment. But I found out that it would be a full time job, not a part-time job like I thought it would be. I left with confidence that I did the best I could and approximately fifteen minutes later, as I was driving home from the interview, the principal called me, informing me that they were offering me the job, if I wanted to take it! She knew that I had another interview later in the day, so I told her I would call her soon with my answer.

The second interview/first phone call I received on Thursday, was at 3:30 on the east side of town, but both schools are almost exactly the same distance from my apartment. I interviewed with the principal, the other librarian with whom I would be working, and one of the classroom teachers. This interview was really laid back and less formal. This school is even smaller than the first having only having around 170 students K-5, with one or two classes at the most, per grade level. This position would be part-time, twenty-five hours a week, but without insurance benefits. However, I could keep a full graduate load of 9 credit hours while working, allowing me to maybe graduate by 2010 with my MLS, so that’s something to definitely consider. As the interview was wrapping up, the principal asked the other teachers if they could read her mind, and as they agreed with her she offered me the job before I even left the interview!

Now comes the hard part, accepting one position, and turning down another. I don’t do well telling people, “no, thank you” to a job offer, but that’s what must be done. The decision that I will make, however, feels good – I’m at peace and know that I’m choosing the school that will be the right fit for me. I praise the Lord for answering prayer and His continual provision in my life!

The rest of my day/evening consisted of going out to dinner with three of my MLS friends, followed by us attending the book release of Stephenie Meyer’s “Breaking Dawn” at Barnes & Noble. Since the publicity information for the party suggested dressing up in prom attire, we took them at their word and wore fancy dresses. I decided to get a little more mileage out of my bridesmaid dress from Addie’s wedding. (My prom dresses were re-sold years ago.) And since we were dressed up, our hostess asked us what the special event was, and when we told her she proceeded to ask us, “Did one of you all write the book?” We smiled and said no, that this was a national book release party. 🙂 Once arriving at B&N, we were definitely above the median age of females in attendance. There were some very enthusiastic 15 year old girls among us, many of whom wore some kind of sparkly dress, or had made their own t-shirts, complete with a catch-phrase from the book. Clever. As the evening reached its pinnacle, there was a cheering countdown to midnight, I kid you not, and once the clock struck twelve, they started selling the book, literally hand over fist. I witnessed adolescent girls grabbing the book from the salesperson and running out the door to go read it. In some ways it made me roll my eyes and think, “oh, please,” but I can’t deny that these books have done wonders for teenage literacy. And, truth be told, if I were about ten years younger, I probably would have been one of those girls, racing out of the store, dying to get home to read it – even if it meant staying up all night, which I know many of them did. As for me, I’ll wait until this coming week when my three friends are finished with their recently bought copies of “Breaking Dawn”, and then borrow it from one of them. 🙂 So all in all, a long day, but full of exciting and memorable moments. God is so good.


4 thoughts on “Drum roll please

  1. How fun!! Sadly, I’ve never been to a book release party. Congrats on being offered BOTH jobs! That’s fantastic! Unrelated: are you voting in the primaries on Tuesday? As a Judy Baker for Congress volunteer, it is my duty to remind you that she would appreciate you remembering her name and what she is fighting to accomplish on Tuesday =0)

  2. CONGRATS on the new job!! I knew they would love you!! You’ll be a great asset to that school system. It’s been great talking to you the past couple days…you’re my best friend. You know that right? xoxo

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