First Week of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. And nothing says first day of school like a gentle rain that soothes nerves and helps blend in with tears that might slip down ones cheeks. Many parents brought cameras to capture their little ones first day – how precious. The weather was cool enough that the outside doors could be left open, but the air conditioning in the library helped cut the humidity. I overheard many admonitions from teachers in the hallways, “Keep your hands to yourself kids,” and “This does not look like a straight line to me.” Oh how some things never change. As I have familiarized myself with the layout of the media center, I have discovered many titles on the shelves that I need to read! It’s a good thing I have control over the library checkout system. 🙂 And I’m pleased to report that I have this feeling of belonging at my little school. There were no butterflies in my tummy yesterday morning, and that is a very good thing. Maybe, just maybe, this will redeem my previous teaching experience and help me consider if I want to be a school librarian when I grow up. We’ll see. In the mean time I bloom where I am planted and take joy in the small things – like Central Dairy milk at lunch! Working a half-day today wraps up my first week of school…if two days constitutes a week. Back to the grind of evening graduate work next week, along with Power Team mania.

Check out my photo blog for a few new photos of my new happy library space!


2 thoughts on “First Week of School

  1. I enjoyed your posting about the first week of school. I really like the photos of your library. Blessings on you as you share your love of books with the children.

  2. I really enjoyed your story about your first “week” of school. I’m glad you like it there! I hope this next week ahead brings you as much joy as the last. Have a wonderful day!

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