Kids Say

Oh, so much has happened since last posting! Thanks to the help of my mom holding down the fort (i.e. doing laundry and making sure I ate healthy meals), I made it through the first week of school – both starting my new school library aide job, and surviving three back-to-back nights of class, followed by four back-to-back nights of the Power Team crusade held at our church. We saw over 100 people make decisions for Christ, which was so exciting! Also exciting was the fact that a sudden storm descended on our church property one evening, totally uprooting and blowing away our 2,000 pound tent as hundreds of people sat beneath it. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured, and the tent was put back up for the rest of the crusade. It was truly remarkable to see how God’s hand of protection was on His people that evening and how our local church body banded together to continue our mission. Since then, I’ve grown especially fond of Sara Groves’ song “Tent in the Center of Town” – very apropos.

Exciting news, after probably about four years of not having internet as a personal luxury, I FINALLY have my very own personal internet connection. No more mooching off of neighbor’s unencrypted wireless signals. I found a pretty good price, with less than stellar service in the installation process, but now that it’s up and running, my life is a lot less frenzied when it comes to getting my homework done. Though the internet connection is quite helpful, I still find myself plenty busy these days – between a full graduate course load, working part-time+, church activities, and the occasional time to be home to pleasure read or knit, I’m already looking forward to Christmas break. Even though it’s not yet midterms, I think I’m only going to try to take 6 hours next semester, rather than my current 9. Reclaiming and simplifying my life are continuous goals that I long to achieve.

Now that I’m starting to get to better know the personalities of the kids at my school, the things I overhear them say, or the things they say to me directly, absolutely crack me up. Yesterday during 2nd grade story time, a comment was made in passing about kids being authors when they grow up, and of course after one says it, they ALL say they want to be authors. As the other librarian was regaining control of the group, one of the little boys sitting near me said to the boy beside him, “When I grow up, I want to be Michael Jackson’s butler.” Wow. Where did he get THAT idea as a future career option? It saddens me that these 2nd graders know nothing about how cool Michael Jackson used to be. When he was black and still had a nose.

Then today, a different class of 2nd graders came to check out books and as one of the little girls got near me she said, “You smell like my grandma.” I suppressed the urge to laugh out loud and asked her, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” She replied, “Oh, it’s a good thing.” My polite response, “Well, I’ll take that as a compliment, then.” Later on, when I told her teacher about what she said, she told me the age of the little girl’s mother (younger than me), so the grandmother is probably quite young. But maybe I should re-think my perfume choices… 🙂

And now I get to look forward to the weekend, starting with school picture day tomorrow. 🙂 Plus, my dad and I are going to a Mizzou Tigers game this weekend. I’m not a huge college football fan by any stretch of the imagination, but after such a good season last year, Chase Daniel being a Heisman contender, and a 3-0 record so far this season, this just might be our chance to make a memory. Thus, I look forward to the days ahead.


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