When you’re a kid, the 100th day of school is a big deal, and yesterday marked this momentous occasion. Many of the teachers celebrated on Wednesday since yesterday was a half day and today was a full day off for teacher collaboration. Between this shortened week, a short week when we are off for President’s Day, and then having two days off to prepare for and administer parent-teacher conferences at the end of the month, February is going to fly by! Even though I wasn’t able to stay home and play in the sunshine like our kids hopefully did, today was still a relaxed and yet productive day for me. I’ve been doing inventory the past few days to make sure all of our A/V equipment including computers, projectors, SmartBoards, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, etc. are present and accounted for. I brought my handy dandy iPod to work with me today and as I was making my way from room to room, I was able to whistle while I worked. Well, hummed more than whistled (though I do love to whistle). For lunch, our group of teachers went to T.G.I.Fridays. I had the tasty, and yet overpriced cedar seared salmon – say THAT five times fast!

Thinking of kids at school, here are a few of my latest rembrances that have made me chuckle.
My video-game loving 2nd grade friend returned to the library this week and wanted to tell me more about the avitar game he enjoys so much. He said to me, “Well, if you ever get the game and have any questions you could just stop by my house.” He then proceeded to give me his address and follow-up in describing it as “the yellow house with the spidery thing hanging by the door.” I told him I probably wouldn’t be able to stop by, but thanked him for the offer.

One of his fellow classmates came by later in the week and as she left the library said, “The long weekend will be plenty of nap time for me!” Ah, my sentiments exactly.

Recent photos of the day.

February 2 – I never realized that a tricycle could provide adequate transportation to the library…

February 3 – this week has been School Counselor Week. To celebrate, our sweet counselor gave us little flowers to help us remember that we, in turn, help kids “bloom.”

February 4 – my first face to face classes met this week – this is the stately view that greets me when I walk to campus.

February 5 – we’re getting ready to begin our school wide read-a-thon to benefit the P.T.A. This year’s theme is Dr. Seuss! You can see part of Horton on the bulletin board inside the school.

February 6 – just in case some families forgot we didn’t have school today, this was a visual reminder and it made me happy as I entered the building this morning.

And now, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a pleasant and beautiful weekend await.


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