Red Letters

Even though I’ve now lived in this little-big town of mine for a year and a half, I continue to venture out in visiting new stores, restaurants, and notice new things around me. But isn’t that what living life is really all about? Taking a risk and not growing complacent? So, for the first time, tonight I visited a JoAnn store – it really made me want to add sewing to my list of domestic abilities. 🙂 Next door to JoAnn’s is a used book store – my Achilles heel. With the frequenting of it tonight, I think I have now found and visited all the used book stores in town. I was tickled pink to see they had a paperback copy of Maynard Solomon’s biography on Mozart, in very good condition. I’ve recently become aware of this pivotal work, and seeing as how the public library only has his biography on Beethoven, I realized that this copy needed a good and respectful home. Mine. 🙂 But before I left, as I was browsing through the religious section, I noticed a smattering of Left Behind books, Mitford books by Jan Karon, some Max Lucado titles, and several Bibles in relatively good shape. I pulled a Living Bible off the shelf – the olive green one, that has sort of a soft and squishy cover. My parents have an old copy that often sat on their bedside table when I was younger. I picked it up off the shelf just to remind myself of its transliteration. Then I noticed beside it, another copy of the Living Bible, a smaller red-letter edition. As I, in turn, removed it from its place, I noticed a girl’s name engraved on the front: Julie. As I thumbed my way through this copy, I noticed that while the words of Jesus were in red, there were no extra markings or notes made in the margins or footnotes. It caused me to stop and wonder, when did the Living Words of Christ become meaningless to Julie? Did she ever care that someone had taken the time to purchase this Bible for her, pay to have her name engraved on its cover, and take to heart the message that was inside of it? Or did it just become another book on the shelf that she realized she could trade for store credit? As an avid reader, I admit the written words of Christ sometimes become overshadowed by something else I deem “more important” at the moment. But seeing Julie’s discarded Bible sitting in the small book store tonight made me stop and think, ponder and reflect, feel sad and yet encouraged to know that those red letters can be more than just words on a page. They are truth and the keys to life.

And now, some recent photos of recent days.

February 7 – one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Beautiful weather, a day to do some pre-spring cleaning, some reading in American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld, and enjoy tea time in the afternoon.

February 8 – starkly beautiful trees I pass on my way to church

February 9 – notice the lovely crack slicing through my windshield? Thank goodness for auto insurance that covered Mabel getting a new windshield later in the week.

February 10 – a local landmark with the sun peeking through the clouds behind it

February 11 – after significant rainfall, it starting raining inside my friend Amanda’s 2nd grade classroom. With the help of several teachers and students, we moved the contents of her entire classroom out in the hallway. Bless her heart, she’s still not able to get back into her room (as of today).

February 12 – as a result of the inside precipitation, our school is getting a new roof! Hearing people walking above your heads during the school day reminds me of the loud neighbors I hear above my head when I’m home. It’s funny how even at work I can’t concentrate. (But I’m not bitter…)

February 13 – Valentine Party day! I wasn’t there for parties in the afternoon, but was privy to seeing all the kids’ Valentine boxes on display. The little Victorian house was my favorite.

February 14 – Happy Hearts!

February 15 – a President’s Day weekend reunion of some of my dear college friends

February 16 – exploring some of the downtown shops and alleyways

February 17 – lamp posts and tall trees remind me of Narnia…even if it is on campus

February 18 – I thought the colors of this brick wall and the little fire hydrant sticking out of it made for interesting composition

As I seek to live life to its fullest, I (more immediately) anticipate visiting my family over the weekend and preparing my heart for the beginning of the Lenten season.


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