Celebrating Death (…& Life)

On this Good Friday, I pause and reflect about the tradition of celebrating one’s life upon their death.

la mort

Just this week one of the sweet senior adults in our church passed away and as I took time to attend her visitation, I was yet again reminded of just how close this life is from the next. One moment your residence is here on Earth and then the next step crosses over the boundary into Eternity. It brings a peace to my heart as I think about how easy Jesus made it for me to pass from this life to the next, on this day over 2,000 years ago. I give Him praise and thanks today. (I also realized that I’m turning into a “Funeral Dinner Lady” at church, just like my grandma was, and my mom still is. I’m carrying on the tradition and that makes me proud.)

As April rains its way closer to May, I prepare for the final hurrah of grad school year number two. Only one more year to go. It can’t be through soon enough. 🙂

Recent photo documentation of the days of my life.

March 30 – I just love driving by the fancy houses in town. The pear trees in front of the fancy house were lovely in bloom on this particular day and I couldn’t help oohing and aahing as I drove by. Then I pulled a partial u-turn and went back to take photos. (I hope they didn’t think I was casing the joint.)

March 31 – In honor of Brooke’s birthday, I found some little basil plants and a fun little pail. Hopefully the basil will grow and be a tasty addition to some of her summer recipes.

April 1- Donning a side ponytail and Marty McFly vest made me revel in memories of the 80s.

April 2 – A group of MLS pals and I grabbed a bite to eat after class. Jessie and I quite enjoyed squeezing ourselves together in front of the pole that wouldn’t budge behind us.

April 3- The baby grand Steinway at church is an oldie, but a goodie. Maybe I’ll have one of my own some day.

April 4 – My most recent alma mater choir, USingers in their spring concert. It made my heart ache with the beauty of hearing them sing. How I wish my schedule would allow me to sing with them again next school year, especially since I could return to Italy (this time Milan) to sing on tour.

April 5 – Our young ladies quartet posing for a post-special picture at church. Just call us Point of Grace.

April 6 – Funeral flowers, so vibrantly beautiful in the midst of death they represent.

April 7 – Voting day – the overhang to the building where I went to go vote caught my eye with it’s architectural lines and the light shining through.

April 8 – Harvard Classics at the library. The binding states these as “The Five Foot Shelf of Books.” That’s as tall as me!

Book News: Lately, I’ve become quite enthralled with the idea of French cooking. I recently finished reading “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry” by Kathleen Flinn, which chronicles her journey studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She makes many references to Julia Child, one of her inspirations, so this has gradually led me to DVDs of Child’s French Chef episodes on PBS as well as her autobiography, “My Life in France.” I even bought a baguette the other day to eat with some cheese. 🙂

April 9 – Have I mentioned how much I love drinking milk from Central Dairy? Having it available to drink at lunch truly makes me happy. 🙂

April 10 – These little blobs of fur are sleeping baby chicks. My friend Amanda has them in her 2nd grade classroom and they hatched just in time for Easter!

Thinking of Easter, my family is coming to visit this weekend so they can take part in our Easter festivities at church, including hear me sing. It will be so nice to have them be here and share in my life for a few days.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Death (…& Life)

  1. yeah, I might need some tips on how to take pictures in the midst of a busy life. I almost have to put it on my to-do list. It’s ridiculous. ANd that’s not the point. The sleeping chick picture reminds me of having baby chicks in my room at Bolivar. However, last year is not such a great memory. They all died and  i had to put them in the dumpster. But the other 3 years it’s a good memory:) i love you!

  2. The picture of your ladies quartet reminded me of when we sang at the Thanksgiving service at Nicole & Rochelle Koster’s church.  For the Beauty of the Earth.  I think we sang Still, Still, Still.. and for some reason, I can’t remember, Nicole cracked up in the middle of singing and couldn’t stop laughing and was hiding behind her music folder…. AT HER OWN CHURCH.  That still makes me belly laugh.

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