While it doesn’t happen very often, the moments when I feel like all is right in the world bring me much comfort and a sense of contentedness. Tonight is one such time where my heart, mind, and spirit are at peace.

This week has also brought about moments of reflection from the past and glimpses into the future. Ten years and a few days ago, my cap and gown were sturdily in place as I accepted my high school diploma. Somehow, I was crazy enough to run for senior class president (and win), and now am in the thick of planning our ten year high school reunion. It hasn’t gone the direction I thought it would, but is finally starting to gel and I hope it will be a fun time for those who choose to come.

Glimpses of my life over the past week:
Sunday, May 17 – orientation for my new part-time summer evening job at the local Theatre begun. Lately I’ve been reminded, by a number of people and experiences, about how the value of “fun” is really quite necessary in a job. While it is glaringly obvious that not every moment will fun, the good should outweigh the bad. I’m looking forward to surrounding myself with fellow artistic individuals who are likewise on a fun crusade. Only the Lord knew how my previous job working in arts management would lead me to this.

Monday, May 18 – seeing a 3rd grader dress up like Elvis during the kids’ musical/play rehearsal made for a fun afternoon at school.

Tuesday, May 19 – Every year our school district contacts nationally renowned authors and illustrators to spend the day giving 5th grade students, their teachers, and librarians a sneak peek into their life as creative book people. Earlier in the day we heard from Brad Sneed and Cheryl Harness, then Cynthia Lord, author of Rules, wrapped up our final session of the day.

Wednesday, May 20 – a.k.a. the night Willie Nelson came to town. After church Maresa and I grabbed a tea and stood by the back of the stage to catch the end of his show. We even saw him exit the stage. That photo didn’t turn out so well, but this is his tour bus earlier in the day.

Thursday, May 21 – local high school variety show (my week has been chock full of artistic moments, hasn’t it?) featuring Anna, one of the teens from our church youth group.

Friday, May 22 – when I see clouds like these that permeated the sky today, I start humming Blue Skies and think of the wall paper from the movie Toy Story. Strange combination, but a happy one none the less. My day was made complete by going swimming in the almost 90 degree heat this afternoon, dozing in the sunshine, and going to see Night at the Museum this evening.

And now a three day holiday weekend awaits. The possibilities are endless…


One thought on “Reflections

  1. weird, I want to start humming that and thinking Toy Story too! Crazy! They didn’t tell you that being the class president would mean planning the reunion did they? he he Mine is in August and still trying to decide if we’re going. But I guess I will. I love you Sarah Joey! My computer has been having some issues so I haven’t gotten to post pictures for each day…but I have some good ones stored up if I get it figured out! What are you doing this summer? Coming to see me ? 🙂

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