Long awaited

After almost two years and much patience, today was the big day. The day I cut 9 inches of my hair to be donated to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign to be made into a wig for a deserving cancer patient. Not cutting my hair was officially stated as one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2008, but it really began when I entered grad school in fall 2007, so today was the culmination of all that time and slow, but relatively healthy growth to get my hair to this point. Unlike Locks of Love, which requires 10 inches (I didn’t want to wait another two months for my hair to grow that long), Pantene only requires 8 inches, and I was ready for a new ‘do. As a part of a special end of the school year assembly, myself and two other teachers at school all stepped up to the scissors this morning. The kids were heartily shouting “Do it! Do it! Do it!” as one of the teachers gave us the chop. Here’s how I looked in today’s progression of events:



and after

As for other recent photos, here’s how they line up from the past week.

Saturday, May 23 – After wanting to go for a long time, a sunny day beckoned me to make a relatively impromptu trip west for the day to visit the Nelson Adkins. I heartily enjoyed my self-paced tour, along with having dinner with my dear friend Ginger, her sister-in-law Rachel, and niece Alexis on my way home. It was the perfect kickoff to a leisurely holiday weekend.

Sunday, May 24 – game/movie night at church. It was fun watching these sweet boys play Hi-Ho Cherry-O and Guess Who. Their little warm bodies sitting among us and asking questions like, “Does your person have blond hair?” made me smile with happiness.

Monday, May 25 – I get so choked up about patriotic events – any sort of parade, especially Memorial Day and the 4th of July especially grip my heart. Thankfully the rain on Monday held off until after the local parade ended, which honored our local veterans, including these men who have been recipients of the Purple Heart.

Tuesday, May 26 – More rain, this time I was able to capture some of the raindrops that lingered on the evergreen trees by the library.

Wednesday, May 27 – End of the year BBQ and game night for the teens at church. It’s a good thing I was the one taking this picture, rather than having whipped cream drip down my neck while people threw Cheetos at my head trying to get them to stick. Yuck. (Who comes up with these games, really?)

Thursday, May 28 – I don’t often take this path into the school building, but it looked so serene and was a different perspective than I’m used to having, so I quickly got my camera to capture it in case my mind’s eye goes dull one day.

As another weekend dawns, I seek to continue to live life to its fullest.

So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
– Nichole Nordeman

2 thoughts on “Long awaited

  1. I love that song! One of my “mission statement” songs. So proud of you about your hair! I had never heard of that other program…hmmm…I just got my hair cut yesterday so I might need to grow it out for a while.

  2. Hey Sarah!You should post a picture of the new ‘do’ soon! ALSO, have you ever knit the ‘cross stitch’? I am trying to figure that bugger out & it is driving me crazy because I cannot figure it out! Any help would be great! Thanks

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