So school has been out for approximately 9 days, and since that time I have started working/training as a house manager at the local Theatre, begun taking summer classes this week, and will get back in the swing of things by working in summer school starting next Monday. The notion that I’m crazy enough to work approximately 50 hours a week and take 5 graduate credit hours this summer, plus start to plan our Sunday morning worship set at church makes me want to take a nap and not wake up until August like a summer Rip Van Winkle. I won’t stress over this prospect, but will instead seek to make the most of it – being thankful that I have two jobs to help me make it through the summer, and stay in the game on my course work so that I can graduate next May. Once late July rolls around I’ll have several weeks off before school/work resumes, so until then, I suck it up.
Over the past week I have:
– slept in several mornings (meaning past 7:00 a.m.)
– exercised after sleeping in (it balances out the sleeping in element)
– spent quality time with friends
– watched “New in Town” with my lovely P.K. girls
– rented “Australia” from RedBox (genius invention), which was much more dramatic that I expected. But it had Hugh Jackman in it. 🙂
– watched several episodes of season 1 of “Arrested Development” on Hulu (again, another genius innovation in TV watching technology)
– read a few Christian romancey books by Karen Kingsbury and discovered the author Kristin Billerbeck
– solidified plans with a few friends who are helping me plan our big 10 year high school reunion
– started a new Sunday School class, where we’re reading “Praying God’s Word” by Beth Moore. I think it’s going to be a good summer (maybe even life-changing…)

Tomorrow morning I head south to celebrate family togetherness during our 83rd annual Family Reunion. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without it!

Recent photo happenings in the world that is my own:
Saturday, May 30 – after a trip to the farmer’s market, where I purchased some fresh strawberries and rhubarb, I made, from scratch (crust and all), this lovely strawberry rhubarb pie. It was really good (even if I do say so myself).

Sunday, May 31 – graduate recognition night at church

Monday, June 1 – second to last day of school, in which the kids played games outside and were soaked by water blasted from a fire truck right before going home. It was a hot afternoon and the sound of kids squealing with delight really was a fun memory.

Tuesday, June 2 – last day of school! My good friend/colleague/mentor/fellow school librarian Valerie helped make my first year working in a school library fun and a positive learning experience.

Wednesday, June 3 – coffee night with the girls (after a brief stop at Sonic for free root beer floats). Internal brick walls make for a visually eye catching moment.

Thursday, June 4 – up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a hot air balloon!

Friday, June 5 – another beautiful sunset displaying the beauty of God’s creation

Saturday, June 6 – local arts in the park event, with a fun kids area

Sunday, June 7 – after having lunch with my friend Kristen, I drove home a different route, and stumbled upon this cute little church, which I think is used for neighborhood/community events.

Monday, June 8 – with a trip to campus to buy my (overly priced) books for the summer, I stopped to take a picture of Beetle Bailey, somewhat of a campus landmark

Tuesday, June 9 – my sweet and beautiful friend Katie! We sang together in choir a couple of years ago and I was so happy to have her put her feet under my table as we ate dinner together. She made some killer mocha cupcakes we ate for dessert, too. 🙂

Wednesday, June 10 – these are some of my all time favorite cookies, and they are so easy to make! The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is truly one of the best things in life.

Thursday, June 11 – my summer independent study – organizing the choral library on campus. It’s a little daunting, but doable, one piece at a time.

And now to finish laundry, and hopefully sleep a dreamless sleep.


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