As is Always the Case

Summer is well under way and my amount of semi sleep deprivation and strange tan lines proves it. Call me a wimp, but I had forgotten how hard it is to work full time and do anything else on top of it, the way I currently am. And yet, I’m managing, but look forward to going to bed just as soon as I finish this post.

The family reunion went well, but went by so quickly. The older I get, the more this seems to be the case.
Friday, June 12 – rain and cooler temperatures were welcome as we began the weekend. This was the view of the state park where we gathered for our evening festivities.

Saturday, June 13 – extended cousins and myself, all apart of the same branch of the family tree. How varied we all are!

Sunday, June 14 – hay bales make me happy.

Monday, June 15 – summer school began amid rain and indoor recess (yuck). I did get a compliment from one of my favorite now 1st graders, who said, “Hey! I like your suit!” (meaning my yellow rain slicker). We all wear these shirts on Mondays, and they were out of size smalls, so I got stuck with a size large. What a joke.

Tuesday, June 16 – first day of outdoor recess. I forgot my sunscreen and ended up with the beginnings of a lovely farmer’s tan.

Wednesday, June 17 – so I remembered sun screen, but not on the back of my legs. This painful sunburn has now turned into a strange place for me to have a tan.

Thursday, June 18 – so after being outsmarted by the sun, I took myself to Target, invested in some Neutrogena SPF 45 spray sun screen (sun “scream” as our kids often say), and this dandy hat. Just call me Scarlett. I have since also added to my recess duty arsenal: my whistle from my illustrious high school drum major days, my umbrella for added portable shade, and my sun glasses. I must be a sight to behold, but I’m almost over the idea that I have to look professional to work in summer school. Comfortable and functional is the name of the game. Lately my duties have included managing four square quarrels, yelling at kids drinking water from the tap of the water cooler rather than using a readily available paper cup, helping push kids on the swings, and (my favorite) helping twirl the jump rope and leading the “Cin-der-el-la dressed in yell-a went upstairs to kiss a fel-la” rhyme.

Friday, June 19 – a nearby business headquarters has this lovely fountain in front of their building. Colored lights beneath the surface change every few minutes, as do the shape of the fountain jets. It’s quite soothing and reminds me of Waltzing Waters that used to be in operation in Branson years ago.

Saturday, June 20 – my Saturday evening was made complete by having dinner with Aarik & Brooke at a local Italian restaurant (and getting ice cream from my favorite ice cream emporium afterward). The wine bottle corks were a fun, decorative adornment and caught my eye upon entering the restaurant.

Sunday, June 21 – no church on Sunday evening (because of Father’s Day) made for a good excuse to get coffee with the girls. Though we take any excuse we can to spend time together and drink good coffee.

Monday, June 22 – I often see the neatest cloud formations as I drive east toward school or church. Monday morning was no exception.

Tuesday, June 23 – a quick trip to the library before they closed and a questioning teenager as to what I was doing made for a memorable end to my evening. And while I haven’t yet started “The Angel’s Game” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, his “The Shadow of the Wind,” is one of my all time favorites and can’t wait to read this new prequel!

Wednesday, June 24 – the opportunity to catch up with my good high school friend Joe doesn’t happen nearly enough. He was in town on business and we had the most pleasant conversation about family, faith, and coffee. What more could you ask for?

Thursday, June 25 – I heartily enjoyed my dinner of spring chicken roll ups, as seen on a recent episode of Rachael Ray’s “30 Minute Meals.” Chicken, ham, provolone cheese, and asparagus paired with corn on the cob and a wheat roll made my tummy happy. And I have leftovers to take to school tomorrow!

While I gripe about being so busy, I honestly would rather be busy than bored (and without any money), so I take God at his word and claim the promises that he is my strength and through him I can show loving and patient kindness to others. In the days ahead I look forward to flying solo on my Theatre duties, getting to spend time with my friends Brian & Meghan visiting from out of state, and interviewing for a possible graduate assistantship. Excitement awaits!


One thought on “As is Always the Case

  1. hay bales make me happy too. You know, I see friends out of state more than I see you. I know we’re both busy, but I really miss you. Your school stories make me smile and nod because I definitely relate. I have definitely been the designated jump rope holder on multiple occasions. It makes me smile. My mom has been here this week helping me with wedding stuff…it’s been fun but it’s been crazy. I need to get you music, speaking of that sort of thing. Anyway, let’s see each other before the summer is over, please? 🙂 i love you! meg

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