The Journey of Summer

Current optimism: summer school ends next Friday, which will then give me time to read, swim, knit, and bake zucchini bread to my heart’s content. Well, at least for a while.
Current frustration: once again, I was declined a graduate assistantship at the University. Just when I have definitively come to the conclusion that I do not want to focus my career as a children’s librarian, I will probably have to work as a children’s librarian for another year. I’m sure that “perfect” job is out there waiting for me, but right now all I see is my (hopefully) final year of graduate school being one of working for sub-par wages (less than what I made this past year), all the while being overly+ qualified, and yet can’t work in a location that would be a great stepping stone for what I think it is I do really want to do.

As I brood on my soap box, I will appease my frustration with happy photos from days past.

Friday, June 26 – an eight hour day was followed by another five at the Theatre that evening. The good part was that the program revolved around space (all puns intended), replete with the theme from E.T. (choreographed with the movie during the bike flying scene), and Holst’s The Planets (my fav-o-rite). This is the view that I often behold as I keep tabs on the lobby and the concert at the same time.

Saturday, June 27 – back-to-back nights working. While this one had fewer attendees, I did have to worry about selling CDs for the performing group and locking up afterward. I’m learning how to handle extra responsibility…whether I want to or not.

Sunday, June 28 – hands down, this is the most fun yard I’ve seen in town. During warmer months of the year, the owners place plastic flamingos throughout their yard. Considering there aren’t any real flamingos within thousands of miles of here, these are the next best thing.

Monday, June 29 – a small chamber concert began the week at the Theatre. Isn’t it lovely?

Tuesday, June 30 – I treated my little piggies to a pedicure at one of the local cosmetology schools after I finished work. The girl I got was less than stellar and walked away with an average view of the services I received. I might go back, but would speak up more about what I think while I’m there. They’re learning, after all…

Wednesday, July 1 – July began with some quality time with Aarik, Brooke, and visitors from the south Brian & Meghan. Some local sightseeing, eating, and general frivolity ensued.

Thursday, July 2 – the holiday weekend began early and our school celebrated the 4th with a parade. I got to help the kindergartners and carried a patriotic windsock, and took some fun photos as well.

Friday, July 3 – a blessed three day weekend began. I headed south to visit my parents and slept a large portion of my time there. We began our weekend by going to see Disney/Pixar’s Up, which we all enjoyed.

Saturday, July 4 – I absolutely love the 4th of July. As I get older it’s a time to spend with my family doing quality things like working in the garden, eating fresh vegetables out of the garden, resting, and celebrating freedom. The evening ended with a city sponsored fireworks display. It was lovely.

Sunday, July 5 – after traveling under overcast skies with occasional sprinkles, as I approached home the sun began to come out.

Monday, July 6 – it makes me happy that our school has a flower garden near the playground. What is so surprising is that the kids don’t pick (or try to eat) these flowers.

Tuesday, July 7 – never underestimate the entertainment value of sidewalk chalk in the hands of 4 and 5 year olds. These masterpieces now greet you as you enter the school.

And with this, I journey on.


3 thoughts on “The Journey of Summer

  1. Sorry to hear about the assistantship. That really stinks. The flamingos make me smile, too =0) Third Baptist in St. Louis is currently doing a children’s ministry fundraiser with pink flamingos. Yesterday, my boyfriend delivered the flock to the house of an older couple. Later in the evening, he got a call asking “are you the one responsible for the pink chickens?” Glad the pink chickens have made it to CoMo, too!Can I come to the cosmetology school with you?? I think a girl’s day is in order!

  2. ha ha …they don’t eat the flowers. Yeah, I might have a few who would do so 🙂 I always get lovely bouquets of clover, dandelions, and purple stuff but I leave them outside. I explain to my kids that the bunnies and bees need them more than I do 🙂 (maybe the birds too 🙂 

  3. I agree, it is pretty exciting to find out the history of your family – to me, it’s almost like meeting someone new and learning their story, except I have a personal tie to it.Also, Up is an incredible movie.  Great choice.

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