1 and 6

1 – One more day of summer school to go. Like the Little Engine That Could, by this time tomorrow my daily mantra of “I think I can, I think I can” can be replaced with, “I thought I could, I thought I could.” Five weeks seems like an awfully long time for kids go to school in the summer, when they could be home riding bikes, playing with neighbors, reading books, and spending time with family. And while there is financial incentive for them to come to school every day ($100 gift card), the sad truth is that if it weren’t for summer school, some of them would be left home alone all day, without much to eat, and would be getting into unnecessary trouble. It makes me realize what a safe and blessed childhood I had, therefore making me sad that many of these kids won’t have the same idyllic memories I have.

6 – A current challenge by the local public library to submit a Six Word Memoir. Almost like writing a haiku, this is a fun and thought provoking challenge. Some I have come up with so far:
– There is more than this life.
– Who will pay me to read?
– Life’s too short for bad haircuts.
– I’ll never have too many purses. (Using the contraction to my advantage on that one.)
What would your six words be? Funny, sarcastic, or transparent? I love this idea!

Recent photos of recent days:
Wednesday, July 8 – another night at the Theatre, this time incorporated with a local art/music crawl, complete with food and drink. This is an up close view of a beautiful marimba in the lobby.

Thursday, July 9 – 3rd graders performing the play “Piggie Pie.” I was bestowed an honorary pair of pink construction paper ears as I sat in the audience. Plus, my straw hat made a cameo when worn by the Farmer. 🙂

Friday, July 10 – I’m sad that I was unable to finish “The Angel’s Game” before having to return it to the library. It’s not like me to leave a book unfinished, especially one I have been very excited about. Sadly, however, my pleasure reading has had to take a back seat to more pressing matters, and there was another person waiting to read it, so I did the responsible thing and said goodbye (though I hope to finish it as soon as I can check it out again).

Saturday, July 11 – happy birthday, Markli! We celebrated with dinner at Chipotle, saw “Away We Go,” and got ice cream. A most enjoyable evening!

Sunday, July 12 – a bouquet of spoons at a youth group birthday shindig.

Monday, July 13 – thank goodness for little girls who turn 5 and bring Dora cupcakes to summer school. (Dora turned out to be a ring, which I unashamedly wore.)

Tuesday, July 14 – In honor of the midsummer classic (a.k.a. the All Star Game), I donned my Cardinals shirt and earrings for the day. The televised game was the next best thing since I couldn’t be there in person.

Wednesday, July 15 – Rocket launching day for 5th grade! As a kid who was fascinated by space and NASA, I remember enjoying doing this same sort of project in 6th grade. Yesterday my goal was to take fun pictures. Look! Lift off!

Thursday, July 16 – rain clouds are coming in…

In the days ahead I will wrestle and make peace with whether or not to take a job for less pay that would actually benefit my possible future. Because isn’t there more to life than money? I surely hope so.


2 thoughts on “1 and 6

  1. Dear Princess Sarah, I’m glad you weren’t ashamed to wear a Dora ring.  I’d like to think Jesus would have worn one if He had attended the party.   I had no idea you were a child space freak. I was too. In fact had envisioned myself being the 1st woman astronaut on Mars.  I had a fantasy family that lived there.  They were green skinned and had pointed ears. And that was before there was Star Trek!    I remember building a rocket out of cylindrical oatmeal boxes covered with aluminum foil and how devastated I was to have strep throat on the day Gus Grissom (one of the 3 Apollo astronauts that died in a tragic capsule fire later) came to visit our school.  But my teacher remembered my love of space stuff and got an autographed picture that said ” Best Wishes to Mary Ann James – Gus Grissom” !     Aaron has that treasured photo now. Who would have guessed we had that in common. As for the book part, I had read all the science fiction books our school and base library and city library had by the time I finished 5th grade. My interest started in 3rd. Remember, life is always more interesting on the “road less traveled”. luvya, m-a

  2. your pictures makes me happy. How about…”everyday live to my absolute fullest””78 days until I get married” (assuming the number counts as a word)”my chocolate chip cookies are ugly” (they really are…sigh…but they taste awesome!)”I do not fear extreme chaos”

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