More than Enough

My how the summer has flown, yet I have many good things to show for it. Since I finished working in summer school, my body has taken revenge on me. Perhaps working forty plus hours a week and taking five credit hours of graduate level work wasn’t the smartest idea. However, the past few days have afforded me somewhat of a reprieve and I look forward to having a few more days to rest before I start it all over again. First things first, however. Photo recaps!

Friday, July 17 – My last day working in summer school! Since my good friends Isaac and Stephanie had birthdays surrounding this weekend we began the evening by enjoying Mongolian cuisine and followed it up with all American ice cream from Cold Stone. I came home happy and full.

Saturday, July 18 – I arose early to catch a morning matinee of the new Harry Potter movie. It’s a good thing I’ve read the books and know how the story turns out, so I wasn’t too sad upon leaving the theater.

Sunday, July 19 – baking snickerdoodles and sampling them with glass of milk was the perfect way to spend part of my Sunday afternoon.

Monday, July 20 – my summer has afforded me time to knit, knit, knit! I’ve since finished three dishrags out of this one skein of yarn! These are made from the Hobby Lobby brand 100% cotton yarn, which was on sale the last time I was there. They are so soft and look like they have flecks of mint chocolate chip ice cream in them. It makes them perfect for the kitchen!

Tuesday, July 21 – My last night meeting online for my summer Youth Service in Libraries class. I really enjoyed it, and have since found out I got A’s in both the classes I took this summer. I am thankful!

Wednesday, July 22 – Wendy’s has Magic Tree House audio books in their kids meals right now. I love that they’re promoting literacy as a “toy!” I’ve gotten this one, Stage Fright on a Summer Night, along with Hour of the Olympics and have found them both entertaining. The photo booth pictures tucked underneath came about when Photo Booth STL came for a fun event held at the Theatre weeks prior.

Thursday, July 23 – rooftop view from the Theatre looking at the downtown area.

Friday, July 24 – free lawn tickets to see Coldplay in concert in St. Louis with Markli was an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. Being able to meet up with my college roommate Sally and her husband Nathan was an added bonus to the already memorable evening. Look! It’s Chris Martin!!!!

Saturday, July 25 – the season finale of our summer concert season wrapped up nicely. I’ll be staying on, working as much as my schedule will allow, throughout this school year. I enjoy being around the creative and innovative people that work there and the kind patrons that grace our theatre with their presence. It’s been a pleasant addition and blessing to my summer.

Sunday, July 26 – Maresa and I are Mac twins. As soon as Markli gets hers this weekend, we’ll be triplets.

Monday, July 27 – last week found me doing some final overhauling of the Choral Library on campus, my independent study project.

Tuesday, July 28 – baby booties to fit a baby’s…um, foot. I think they turned out as cute as a bug’s ear. I’m now working on some blue ones.

Wednesday, July 29 – another free outdoor concert in town, this time featuring The Wallflowers. They can drive it home with one headlight. (One of my favorite tunes in high school.)

Thursday, July 30 – another day working at the Choral Library, with an afternoon break outside.

Friday, July 31 – my final day working at the Choral Library! This is, hands down, the scariest part of the work I encountered. I have left it in good, capable hands, who can hopefully make sense of this headache composed of men’s, women’s, and vocal jazz music.

Saturday, August 1 – the girls and I took in a local taste of the farmer’s market on Saturday night. Along the way we met up with Aarik & Brooke. All in all, it was a most enjoyable evening of food, stirring conversation, and beautiful weather.

Sunday, August 2 – on my way south to visit mom & dad I stopped and bought a People Magazine, featuring the cast of Saved by the Bell, twenty years later. How my adolescent Saturday mornings were defined by this show, along with Inside Stuff, of course.

Monday, August 3 – vacation time with mom & dad! Going to Branson is a longstanding tradition for us, and we really enjoy the times we get to spend there together. I continue to appreciate the way many of the shows and attractions take an unashamed stance on Jesus and the power of the Gospel. Monday night we caught the Pierce Arrow show, which featured some good sing along music and laugh out loud comedy.

Tuesday, August 4 – the hourly fountain & fire show at the Branson Landing was a great way to end our evening, especially with a full moon coming up over Lake Taneycomo.

Wednesday, August 5 – me and my dad with the scenic Ozark mountains and the Sight & Sound theatre behind us.

Thursday, August 6 – a new haircut, a return to town, and another night on the job.

Friday, August 7 – I was fortunate enough to have a goodbye lunch today with my good friends Joel & Laura. Joel has a new job working as a music professor at a university out of state! How I will miss them so.

My new favorite thing is Improv Everywhere. After hearing an interview with Charlie Todd on the Bob Edward’s Weekend show (NPR), I’ve recently discovered this New York City troupe. Their mission to “cause scenes of joy and chaos in public places” in an non threatening way makes me laugh right out loud. Check out their videos at Improv Everywhere. With this plug, I’m off to rest and get ready for a day of NYI Convention tomorrow and my big ten year high school reunion tomorrow night.


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