These are a few…

The resumption of a consistent schedule…hearing God’s voice speaking to me…eating good food…reading good books…not only are these just a few of my favorite things, but they have comprised my life over the past few weeks. Visual accountings follow.

August 23 – never underestimate the power of new shoes that are so comfortable, they already feel like they’ve been broken in.

August 24 – the first day of school! For dinner I made my own quick version of gumbo soup: okra, tomatoes, chicken, onion, green peppers, and rice, with a chicken broth and cream base (for good measure).

August 25 – the street near my new office is undergoing some major construction. This old gas pump behind the chain link fence caught my eye.

August 26 – lunch with Kyle, which included me eating almost all of this ginormous salad. Yes, that’s BBQ sauce on top, mixed with homemade ranch dressing. I don’t know how many calories it had in it, but it looked relatively healthy, and more importantly, tasted good.

August 27 – I saw this beautiful monarch butterfly flitting around, which made me go on somewhat of a wild butterfly chase to take a picture of it before it flew away. A guy walking by asked me, “Did you get it?” How kind of him to encourage my spontaneous picture taking. 🙂

August 28 – my new office space! This was the first day that a.) my computer was hooked up with the proper cords, and b.) I had access to log on to the database I need to use. Note my sunlit, window view of campus. Yay! I’ve since brought a few desk sit-arounds to make it feel more like mine, including some little scripture note cards given to me in college, a fun magnetic musical sculpture, and my “Beware of attack musician” sign.

August 29 – what a wonderful opportunity I had to attend a Beth Moore simulcast over Friday night and Saturday morning with ladies from my church! After getting past the feeling that I was watching her on TV, the Lord spoke through the music and her message to bring me into a new, deeper understanding of my relationship with Him.

August 30 – our praise team lead worship for a Nazarene zone missions service. Here I am singing and playing my tambourine!

August 31 – It wasn’t a bad moon rising, for sure. Rather, it was a beautifully cool evening to grab a bite to eat with friends after class.

September 1 – there’s a thick patch of black-eyed susans at one of the entrances to my apartment complex. This, I decided, would be the perfect spot to capture my photo of the day.

September 2 – a simple chair in a simple space.

September 3 – the Thursday book review in the USA Today is one of my favorite things in the world. Especially this week when they had their fall book preview. Yay!

September 4 – I began the celebration of my holiday weekend by (finally) going to see a matinee of Julie & Julia. Despite the mixed reviews of the critics (they are critics, after all), I heartily enjoyed this movie! So much so, in fact, that I just might buy it when it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again and again…and walk away hungry for food and Paris again and again.

September 5 – since the J&J DVD is not yet out, I broke down and bought the next best thing…the Julia child memoir/autobiography My Life in France. I actually bought it last night (with a 10% off coupon at Barnes & Noble) and promptly came home to begin reading it in bed with a cup of tea. It made me feel very continental and luxurious. 🙂 Lately my brain processes non-fiction a bit better than fiction, it could be because of all the thick academic library stuff I’m reading. And yet, this is fun reading, which without, I am lost. Plus, I can also say that this is probably the first time I expressly went to buy a particular book, and then came home to read it.

I’m now off to finish all of my procrastinated weekend homework and will then treat myself to a bit more of Julia’s life in France. Ahh. Thus my laborless holiday weekend has begun.


2 thoughts on “These are a few…

  1. Ahh, I loved that movie, despite what the critics said.  I love Julia Child, and have loved her since childhood and PBS marathons of her shows.  Your post reminded me I have a stale B&N giftcard sitting in my purse…I may just join you in your readings.On another note, hooray for conferences!  Do come to Boston.  It would be great to see you…we’ll paint the town red.

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