Celebrating Life

Life continues to be ever so full. Somewhat stressful, too. But I was reminded today that I lead a pretty cool life. It’s good to be reminded of this, and see God’s blessings in my life from someone else’s perspective.

Recent photos from recent days:

Tuesday, September 15 – Just a day before this, I turned in my resignation to the Theatre. My life has become consumed with work as a graduate research assistant, full time student, and full time music and youth volunteer at church. My part-time work at the Theatre was the most likely thing to be trimmed out of my schedule. I will miss it, however.

Wednesday, September 16 – Back-to-back nights working. Taking some final pictures of places within that have been beautifully restored.

Thursday, September 17 – I don’t think I’ve taken a shadow picture yet this year. So this is it. The picture of my shadow, my faithful sunny day companion.

Friday, September 18 – I was super excited when I discovered that the Arby’s kids meal toy was a super hero paper bobble head (some assembly required). And I got Wonder Woman. The cool girly comic book heroine.

Saturday, September 19 – Having lunch with my MLS friends at Which Wich? was a welcome break during our Saturday marathon class session from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Sunday, September 20 – Nothing says pot luck dinner at church like a pan full of homemade chocolate brownies, or Texas chocolate sheet cake as some refer to it…except I don’t have a sheet cake. They still tasted sooo good.

Monday, September 21 – The Montessori preschool here in town had these cute paper pin wheels decorating their front yard.
(Pardon the blurryness…driving and taking photos don’t go well together.)

Tuesday, September 22 – My final night working at the Theatre. What a great summer job! I was so blessed to work in such a beautiful building with creative people. I promised to not be a stranger. 🙂

Wednesday, September 23 – 1/2 price appetizers at Applebee’s with friends after church brought about good conversation and a sense of relaxation that I desperately needed.

Thursday, September 24 – Since it’s officially fall, it’s time to break out my decorative fall people and pumpkin scented candles. Ah, how I love cooler weather and the knowledge that Christmas is on its way.

Friday, September 25 – I took time to appreciate the final hurrah of yellow roses that greet me when I walk to my car in the morning.

Saturday, September 26 – The day started out rainy and, having donned my yellow rain slicker, a friend remarked that I reminded her of Paddington bear. This made me smile.

Sunday, September 27 – my good friend Grant appeared at church on Sunday morning. What a fun surprise! After playing saxophone for two years together in college, we had a great time enjoying lunch, conversation, and the beautiful weather.

Monday, September 28 – This bicycle was sitting in the hallway of the building where I work. I hadn’t seen it before, haven’t seen it since, and honestly don’t see how you could sit on it, let alone ride it. I think it belongs in the circus.

Tuesday, September 29 – Tree lined streets with blue skies peeking through make me happy.

Wednesday, September 30 – In honor of this past week being Banned Books week, part of our student library contingency set up a booth to let people know about the freedom to read. We also took turns reading excerpts aloud from banned books. My controversial choice: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I heartily concur with the Voltaire quotation, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Thursday, October 1 – Good ‘ole Mabel has gone 140,000 miles. She will have to go a few more until I finish grad school, get a “real” job, and then possibly replace her with a newer, shinier model. I hope she won’t be offended when that time comes.

Friday, October 2 – I journeyed to Kansas City to take part as the soloist in my dear friend Megan’s wedding. Her rehearsal was held at this super cute pizza parlor. I ended the evening staying with another dear friend, Ginger. All in all it was a terrific evening of seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and celebrating the best of life.

Saturday, October 3 – Megan and I have been friends since we were in band together our freshmen year of college. She later became my accountability partner who non-judgementally saw and prayed me through some of the most difficult moments in my life. It was an honor to sing over you as and Bob washed your feet today, Meg! Love you!

And with this, I am off to work on a take home test/paper and anticipate a full day in the Lord.


One thought on “Celebrating Life

  1. The pinwheels at the school were due to it being National Peace Day.  Our elementary school did that as well.  I had 300 pinwheels right outside my window.  It was swell.

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