Leaf Watch and other doings

Let’s see…over the past three weeks I’ve completed one class, begun another, lost everything on my computer when the hard drive crashed (for the second time), determined to not let myself be defined by this expensive machine, allowed myself to play games and laugh with friends from church, and took a rather impromptu trip to visit family. Book news will follow the photo montage:

Sunday, October 4 – A wonderful thing about weddings is that you get to take home a pretty flower, this was a pretty pink daisy I wore during Bob & Megan’s wedding.

Monday, October 5 – I’m always a fan of trying new recipes. This one was a blonde brownie with triple chips – chocolate, peanut butter, and white chocolate. I’m a huge fan of sweets, but even for me, this one was super buttery and sweet.

Tuesday, October 6 – nothing brings a smile to my face more quickly than two words – book sale. I’m proud to report that while I stopped and browsed, I came home with library books only.

Wednesday, October 7 – Fall is imminent, as demonstrated by the mums blooming around town.

Thursday, October 8 – condensation from the rain, cool weather from the steam outside made for a foggy view from my desk.

Friday, October 9 – due to being swamped with homework, I sadly wasn’t able to attend as much of the state library conference as I would have liked. I was consoled with the knowledge that I will have many more opportunities to attend state or national library conferences in the future.

Saturday, October 10 – I journeyed with teens from our church to participate in the October Bible quizzing meet. Three of our kids made the regional top ten!

Sunday, October 11 – my friends Ryan & Crystal have begun having the young adults over for lunch after church on Sundays. After feasting on an amazingly prepared beef brisket with trimmings for lunch, we dined on Death by Chocolate for dessert. Y.U.M.

Monday, October 12 – a.k.a. the day my computer hard drive crashed. While I own a Mac, and think it’s pretty cool, I seriously think I bought a lemon of a machine. Thankfully the authorized Mac dealer here in town was able to install a new hard drive the same day, equipping me with more space, which got me back in business. This was an especial blessing since I had a final project due later that night. Seeing this sloping drive on my way home from the computer store was a happier moment in my day.

Tuesday, October 13 – an 89 cent FunFetti cake mix from Aldi + my Pampered Chef cookie press made fun FunFetti pumpkin shaped cookies. Pairing it with milk in my Halloween glass made me happy, indeed.

Wednesday, October 14 – coconut cream pie with a cup of coffee in hand, partnered with friends after church, made for a pleasant end to my Wednesday evening.

Thursday, October 15 – another photo from my “taking pictures while driving” series, I liked the way this one turned out of 99% rainy sky and 1% wet hay bales.

Friday, October 16 – the power of the T. I have a soft spot in my heart for small town traditions, like Homecoming, where people really come home for Homecoming. While not my alma mater, it is for my parents and uncles, and was fun to share it with them this year.

Saturday, October 17 – traveling home and beholding one of my favorite views on God’s green earth.

Sunday, October 18 – movie night at church. This time we watched Ben Stein’s “Expelled.” (Aside: When it was announced that we were going to watch a documentary, some of the teens groaned and said, “Oh yuck.” It’s a good thing we were in church or else I might have smacked them.)

Monday, October 19 – What I will entitle “Leaf Watch 09” has begun! The leaves are reaching their peak in town right now, which gives me plenty of opportunities to annoy other cars on the road as I slow down to take pictures.

Tuesday, October 20 – this tree is on the grounds of my apartment complex, thus no defensive driving was necessary.

Wednesday, October 21 – the mix of colors with this tree on campus caught my eye.

Thursday, October 22 – I hope to someday have trees like this in my front yard, including the cute picket fence.

Friday, October 23 – Leaf Watch 09 continues!

Saturday, October 24 – today I deviate from Leaf Watch to include a fun picture of myself and my dear friend Brooke, with leaves behind us. We took in the sights and sounds of the Homecoming parade, with my high school band marching and looking Sharp (note the capital s). It was a chilly morning, but a good day for a parade!

As mentioned at the top of my post, the latest book news: this week I finished Audrey Niffenegger’s new novel “Her Fearful Symmetry.” I finished it early Thursday morning, and the story has continued to linger with me over the past few days, which is always a sign of good storytelling. I can’t say I enjoyed it as much as I did her debut “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” but it has the same qualities of drawing one into the story and suspending true reality for the span of 400 or so pages. Currently on loan from the library: “Viola in Reel Life” by Adriana Trigiani (her first YA novel), “The Bean Trees” by Barbara Kingsolver, and “Ethan Frome” by Edith Wharton. With two face-to-face classes this week, we’ll see how much pleasure reading time factors into the time equation. Speaking of which, a paper due tomorrow night is calling my name…


2 thoughts on “Leaf Watch and other doings

  1. I’m so jealous you were at the Homecoming Parade AND all the MO trees turning.  I miss that about home.We don’t get orangy trees in October around here, usually… this year they actually have started on time! :)Keep the maple trees coming!

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