I continue to seek mental, physical, and spiritual discipline for myself, and then trust that God will provide. It remains difficult at times, but the reward is worth it. Because of this, it feeds more of a desire to rise to the occasion more often. Such is the learning process.

Many photos to share. These are some of my favorites of the year so far…

Sunday, October 25 – Whilst in the middle of “Leaf Watch 09,” I happened upon this train. I determined it more worthy of my photo of the day. Have no fear – more leaf photos will soon commence.

Monday, October 26 – Another installment from my “Taking Pictures While Driving” series. This leaves from this tree were on their last proverbial leg. I had to take advantage of the moment!

Tuesday, October 27 – The route I take to get to the University has similar neighborhoods, all with picturesque homes and tree-lined streets. This is one such example.

Wednesday, October 28 – Again, the aforementioned streets are all so quaint. Though the fall colors were equally brilliant, the cobblestones and lack of cars on this street begged for a black and white rendering.

Thursday, October 29 – October was a very rainy month for us. As I walked to my building on campus, I couldn’t help but notice the water droplets that had pooled upon fallen leaves. I zoomed in a bit and voila!

Friday, October 30 – The sun finally decided to come out! I thought the cloud and tree silhouette made for a pretty contrast.

Saturday, October 31 – Being in class from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., followed by a Halloween canned food drive and party for the teens at church made for a very full day! Who wouldn’t laugh when you see them voluntarily take part in a toilet paper mummy contest?

Sunday, November 1 – Sunday morning I had a change in church scenery by attending church with my friends Aarik & Brooke. It was a great time of worship and I enjoyed seeing how God is at work in the lives of His children elsewhere in town.

Monday, November 2 – With fall comes the arrival of spaghetti squash, which I discovered last year. This is my own version of Rachael Ray’s recipe preparing the squash with a bolognese. It’s big enough that it makes several meals for me!

Tuesday, November 3 – As Leaf Watch 09 comes to a close, due to the wet concrete, the leaf that once was there left an impression.

Wednesday, November 3 – A trip downtown allowed me to find this bronze sculpture of a doctor being attended to by a child. Precious.

Thursday, November 4 – My first foray into making gooey butter cookies was a success. I have enjoyed eating them and sharing them with friends.

Friday, November 5 – I traveled to Pinecrest Camp (my favorite place on earth) for our fall COG retreat (Centering on God). This was the heart of the evening message. Its simplicity and poignancy make it one of my favorite photos of the year.

Saturday, November 6 – I hope that waking up to a view like this is just a glimpse of what heaven will be like. My morning at Pinecrest began perfectly: biscuits & gravy, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, and a little coffee for good measure.

After near 70 degree temperatures, the day ended just as happily.

Sunday, November 7 – Mabel, my car, is having some difficulties with accurate gas gauge readings in her old age. I decided to get gas immediately following church, lest I become a helpless, stranded motorist. I picked a windy day to get gas!

Monday, November 8 – Tonight I met with friends to brainstorm a paper we have due this weekend. Here’s what we think of the situation:

Thus begins Week 12 of the semester. This week, then one more week until a week of vacation for Thanksgiving, followed by a few very short weeks before finals and Christmas. I’m already planning my lists of items to bake and books to read on my break. 🙂


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