Christmastime is Here

With twenty-two days to go until Christmas, I feel like I’m beginning to get in the spirit of the season. Tuesday evening I decorated my apartment, and found I have way too many Christmas tschotskes. Therefore, some stayed in their respective boxes and might be used next year. We’ll see…

The semester is winding to a close. I have one final due next Friday, one due the Friday after, and then I will be finished! This means I will have a good couple of weeks to enjoy and relax. Then, however, I must prepare for the spring semester by beginning my practicum, getting some pre-semester hours completed for my assistantship so I can have a little wiggle room, and beginning the elusive job search. Pray for me.

Many photos to share…

Tuesday, November 10 – when running some errands downtown I looked up and this is what I saw.

Wednesday, November 11 – there was a small parade honoring our nation’s heroes on Veteran’s Day. While I can’t say the bagpipes are my favorite instrument, their haunting quality seemed appropriate for this holiday with us still at war.

Thursday, November 12 – I took a loaf of homemade lemon poppyseed bread on my cute fall plate to class with me on the following Saturday. It went well with a little coffee, I must say.

Friday, November 13 – while I love Barnes & Noble, I always felt that paying $25 was a little steep just to become a member of their buyer’s club. But after turning down many checkout offers over the years, I was able to use a gift card and become official. Bring on the savings!

Saturday, November 14 – two beautiful soprano friends, with whom I sang a few years ago, shared a combined recital on this Saturday evening. They made me proud.

Sunday, November 15 – our teens and young adult leaders did a nice job leading our Sunday evening service in the message and music.

Monday, November 16 – the start of this week began the November rainy season. I enjoyed seeing the reflection of the power lines overhead in the puddle of water on this manhole cover.

Tuesday, November 17 – I am so enjoying hanging out with my friends from church on our game nights. This was the assortment I took with me.

Wednesday, November 18 – these little water droplets were hanging precariously in the balance.

Thursday, November 19 – Joseph had a coat of many colors. I am knitting a blanket of many colors, which I will probably keep for myself since it might turn out a little garish. After seeing piles of unused, or partially used yarn, sitting in my yarn basket, and remembering how my friend SidzWife has been so creative with her extra yarn, I decided it was time to do something with it. I’m not for sure how big I want my blanket to be, depending on how much yarn I decide to use. This is how it looks so far.

Friday, November 20 – this was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a long time. Friday night began our fall revival/Family Festival at church. It was designated as “youth night,” but the big kids had just as much fun as the little ones. When you combine laser tag in the fellowship hall, two Wiis, a bouncy castle, and adult tricycles in the sanctuary, you get sheer happiness. At least it was for me. This photo shows our evangelist (on the left) racing our pastor (on the right) on the big kid trikes.

Saturday, November 21 – part of me has always thought it would be glamorous and adventuresome to travel on a tour bus. Since this was our evangelists’ home, I’m sure it becomes tiresome for them, but it still piques my curiosity as to what it would be like.

Sunday, November 22 – we ended our Family Festival with four people getting baptized on Sunday! These are two twin boys in our congregation.

Monday, November 23 – my week long holiday began with a visit to my hometown area to get a new retainer made at my orthodontist, visit friends from my former job and church, see my BFF Addie and pick up my Mary Kay order from her, and finally roll into mom & dad’s after 10:00 that evening. It was a full and wonderful day! This is a view I often used to pass, but never had captured “on film” until now. I’m glad I did.

Tuesday, November 24 – home means getting to do cute community things with my parents. After eating a homemade Thanksgiving lunch at the school where my dad works, having dinner with my aunt and uncle, we made it to the community Thanksgiving service. The beautiful wood ceiling helped the pipe organ resonate all the louder!

Wednesday, November 25 – another eating excursion (I promise I did more than just eat…), with this as an eye-catching bit of decoration.

Thursday, November 26 – Thanksgiving day brought about homey traditions like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, helping mom fix food, and set the table. This was the view from where I sat. It was a wonderful day to spend with family being thankful for each other and all of God’s many blessings.

Friday, November 27 – the days following Thanksgiving brought about friends coming to visit us, and us going to visit friends. We took our longtime friends to this state park, where the sun shining behind us projected our silhouettes onto the hillside across from our lookout.

Saturday, November 28 – a trip to the town where we lived when I was born allowed us to see longtime friends and was an early Christmas present for me. More friends, more eating, more special memories made. 🙂

Sunday, November 29 – after almost a week with the fam I journeyed home with this beautiful cloudy sunset leading me northward.

Monday, November 30 – first there was Leaf Watch ’09, now comes Light Looking ’09! I liked the variety and balance of colored and white lights at this house.

Tuesday, December 1 – while it wasn’t quite full, it wasn’t a bad moon rising at all.

Wednesday, December 2 – Light Looking continues in the way of snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees, and and dangly icicles.

Thursday, December 3 – Christmas would not be complete if I didn’t decorate my desk space! Yesterday I took in a few sit-arounds, which my desk-partner and I happily set around. Little snowpeople (which can last though January) and gold music garland help our part of the room look a little more festive. Today my library school friend Brittany and I made haste to the bi-annual Scholastic Book Fair Warehouse sale. We both came away with some lovely bargains for ourselves and for others. Hurray for discounted books!

And after staying up extremely too late last night to read (basically all in one sitting) the first Sookie Stackhouse book, I am going to bed early.

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