T-minus 2 months

Two months from today I will officially be a master of library science. This prospect gives me much joy indeed. While it’s been a long process reaching this point, I am so excited about the career path I’ve chosen and can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to use me in the vocation of librarian-extraordinaire. Speaking of the future, my first post-grad school job interview is now a thing of the past. I received a phone call two weeks ago asking if I would be interested in a phone interview with a university library where I had applied in Oklahoma. I eagerly said yes, and two days later spent about an hour answering questions with a search committee of four people. I really wasn’t expecting to hear from them very soon, but the next day I received another phone call from this school letting me know they were impressed with my interview and were interested in having me come to campus for an on-site interview. Therefore, this past Thursday I packed my bags, flew to Memphis, on to Arkansas, and then was driven to Oklahoma. On Friday I answered questions, took a tour of the campus and town, and was treated exceptionally well. The impressive part: the university paid for everything – airfare, food, and lodging. This means that I’m a contender for the position and that makes me feel good. I’ve been wafting back and forth with “what if they offer me the job? Do I say yes or wait for another institution to extend an invitation and give me some perspective? What if I don’t get another offer as good as this?…” and so it goes. So this week I’m casting my fleece (Judges 6:36-40) asking God to specifically guide my ability to make the right decision if the job is offered to me.

On my way home yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting two really neat people. We met in the airport in Arkansas and by the time we got to Memphis we decided it was better to eat together than alone, so we spent a good hour or so of sharing in quality conversation and mediocre airport food. We exchanged e-mail addresses and took this fun photo together before we parted ways:
Erin is an equestrian and on her way home to Philadelphia and Josh is a race (marathons & etc.) coordinator who was on his way home to Indianapolis.

This was the view coming in to Memphis on Thursday. The mighty Mississippi always evokes pleasant thoughts of Huckleberry Finn.

On to my final week of prepping for my Archives Management class, finishing Little Bee by Chris Cleave, and reading Pride and Prejudice (please don’t shoot me for never having read it before. It’s a travesty, I know). So many books, so little time…


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