It’s Official

Since last blogging two months ago, the time has barreled ahead as I have taken my comps (comprehensive exams), passed them!, finished up all my course work, and graduated this past Friday night with my Master’s degree in Library Science. Therefore, I can proudly say that I am a Library Master who will soon be gainfully employed as an academic librarian in, and by, the state of Oklahoma.

Over the past few days and weeks I have been blessed to spend time with special people that make my life all the more beautiful. Here are a few of those moments:

I shared in the excitement of my dear friends Aarik & Brooke moving into their first house as we dined on pizza and strawberry shortcake.

After traipsing through the forest and the boys getting slightly wet, Seth, Brad, and I grabbed a late dinner at our favorite diner. We are apparently too cool for school. But not too cool for Elvis.

Here I am with my parents, uncle, and aunt as we posed for a photo after my commencement ceremony.

On Saturday afternoon I had a little graduation/birthday/going away shin-dig at my apartment, where at any given time there were about 30 people sardined into my cozy living quarters. Here I am with two special little people from church.

Yesterday the end of my birthday-day was celebrated by eating frozen yogurt with two of my favorite people. Since God didn’t give me biological sisters, Markli and Maresa have filled a place in my heart I didn’t know was empty.

Packing, saying goodbyes, and a new chapter of my life in Oklahoma awaits…


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