On this lazy Saturday afternoon I reflect on the goodness of all that has transpired over the past (almost) two weeks since moving to Oklahoma. Thanks to the help of my tireless parents, some friends worth their weight in gold, and some good Nazarene church folk here in town, I have successfully made the transition from being a Show-Me state girl to a Sooner. A surprise I received upon moving in was the discovery that the upstairs apartment I requested was somehow overlooked. When in actuality, a downstairs apartment was cleaned and awaited my arrival. I was quite furious about this at first, partly because of the two years worth of torture I had living on the ground floor in my former apartment complex, and partly because there’s nothing I hate worse than incompetence. The upside of this is I’m paying the cheaper rent price of what living upstairs costs and it was tremendously easier to move in on the ground floor. Plus, seeing my old stuff in a new living space has its own appeal.

Since this is the first experience I’ve ever had living outside of the state of Missouri, I wondered how I would fare moving to the south, and in Indian territory none the less. And I must say, the good people of my new town have been so extremely friendly! If I’ve heard “Welcome to town!” once, I’ve heard it at least seven or eight times – from perfect strangers! I think I’m going to like it here. πŸ™‚

I began my job this past Tuesday and, again, have been made to feel very welcome at my new library. My office is up several flights of stairs, which I’m using to my advantage and getting mini-workouts throughout the day! I have a window that faces the West, so I’m thinking a plant will be in order to provide some fresh oxygen and catch the afternoon sunlight. In months ahead I can already envision how happy it will make me to see the snow swirl about. πŸ™‚ For now, I lather up in sunscreen. This past week I have received a name tag and name plate for my desk, my key, a parking permit (after getting a parking ticket, of course), my phone extension, and my computer was finally set up Friday. This coming week I begin on-call reference work as summer school begins and pray that I am not asked any questions I cannot answer…

On my first full day living here I made sure to visit the public library and was thrilled to establish a new library card. I’ve since frequented it several times and, thanks to their solid movie collection, have checked out Superman (the original with Christopher Reeve), Funny Girl (“hello gorgeous”), and Bye Bye Birdie. In my queue are: The Way We Were (more Streisand) De-Lovely and 500 Days of Summer. Who needs Netflix when you have FREE library resources to be used? Since I’ll be in charge of the youth collection in my new position, I’ve been beefing up on my children’s/YA reading and have finished Lost and Found by Andrew Clements, Unwind by Neil Shusterman, and American Born Chinese (graphic novel) by Gene Luen Yang. I’m currently reading Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers (a going away gift), What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey, and Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. While not wanting to get too far ahead of myself, as I ponder the future I think it would be lovely to pursue my PhD or EdD specializing in children’s literature. Yes, this is a good plan indeed.

Other highlights thus far:
– shopping at the local farmer’s market last Saturday and today to buy fresh eggs, spinach, homemade bread (baguette & a muffin), and ground lamb, which I’m quite anxious to try
– twice weekly Mazzio’s Pizza buffet! (almost all of the Mazzio’s in MO have closed)
– getting to spend time with extended family who live in the area & am excited about the opportunity to get to know some of my cousins better
– going to Tulsa for the first time and sampling the shopping scene
– taking a dip in the apartment complex pool, which I think is saltwater rather than chlorine…strange

Sunday awaits with the prospect of visiting another church and attempting to find a new body of believers with whom I can grow and contribute to the Kingdom.


2 thoughts on “Oooooklahoma!

  1. MAZZIO’S!!! Remember SBU Discount Tuesdays?? Man, good times. I’m so happy you’re so happy in your new home and workplace. You described it so well that I can just about picture everything. I’m totally praying that everything continues to go well…you are going to do so great in OK! The only stinky part is that we’re further apart now, but hey. Maybe M could get a job in Joplin or something. πŸ™‚ Hee hee. Anyway, I’ll try to call you later this week. My midterms start tomorrow, so I’m going to be pretty nuts-o, and I’ll need my BFF to bring me back to reality. xoxo

  2. you have a window! I was picturing a Gerbera daisy (maybe because I just planted some). I also planted some herbs. It sounds like you’ve absorbed many movies and books…jealous! Yay for you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new adventure! 

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