Reading & Weeding

The Lord only knows why I took such a circuitous route to finally reach the destination of being a librarian, though I have quite enjoyed the journey thus far. But now that I have arrived, I absolutely, positively love my job. It’s not a Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah’s-couch kind of glee, but rather a quiet, deep-seeded knowledge that as I awaken each morning and think about the day ahead I look forward to arriving at the library and doing good work (vs. burying myself in the covers with dread and loathing). This sense of perfect belonging into my newly established job/profession/career overrides any temporary anxieties about personal matters, which I know will work out in the by and by.

This week (the first of several, I imagine) has been filled with weeding the youth collection. Weeding, in addition to how the word “reading” sounds if you have a speech impediment, is the process of deselecting books from a collection. Some of these will be transferred to our other college branches, some will be sold, and some sent to the cemetery of forgotten books (thank you, Carlos Ruiz Zafon). It pains me to see the disrepair of some, which hopefully demonstrates how well-loved the book has been in its lifetime. For others, the content is no longer accurate or politically correct, which means it does not support the overall collection and, therefore, must be removed.

Highlights of my week included going to a Mary Kay party and making some new friends from work and receiving mail from Catherine, my mom, and Markli. How I love getting letters.

Currently read:
The Host by Stephenie Meyer. This stand-alone novel from Meyer has nothing to do with vampires. A love story in the midst of a post-apocalyptic-ish invasion of humans, yes, but vampires, no. While I have read all four of the Twilight books and think the hype has escalated out of control, they were a much faster and easier read than was The Host. Once I had the time to sit down for a long length of time to devour numerous chapters, the somewhat confusing plot and narration allowed me to get more involved in the story. I enjoyed it for the summer read that it was and take satisfaction in knowing that it can graduate from my “I bought it, I need to read it” shelf to the “I read it, now I can resell it” shelf and move on to what awaits me next.

Currently watched:
The Ugly Truth – WASTE OF TIME. Two attractive people + a vulgar script did not make for an enjoyable moving watching experience.
Shall We Dance – while I am not a dancer, I enjoyed the carpe diem motif in this romantic drama. As I watched this, it felt like I had seen parts of it before and then I realized I had…flying from London to Chicago a few years ago. Somehow I never caught the beginning and ending of the movie during my travels and was glad to check it out for free from our library and finally see it from beginning to end.

After a morning at the yoga studio I returned to light rain falling outside, then took an afternoon excursion to a local historical home outside of town. There’s a chance that the gentleman who once lived here is distantly related to my maternal grandmother, and thus to me. Though it might be a slight familial connection, I still felt at home as I walked throughout the home and the grounds. These are some of my favorite photos I took there today.

The view you see looking out to the front walk

One of the cabins on the property, with a little electronic color tweak

Gate & hinge entering the front walk

A gothic style final resting place for some members of the family

More exploring and life to be lived await me in this new town, which I am slowly learning to think of as “home.”


One thought on “Reading & Weeding

  1. I LOVED reading this   I’m so very happy to hear that you are so very excited about your job.  There is truly nothing better than being involved with work that you are excited about.  Right now I’m trying to find that enthusiasm.  i mean i’m pretty sure I’m where I’m supposed to be i’ve not caught the fire for it. I dunno.  I’ll talk to you more about it later. 

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