Saying Goodbye to Snow-klahoma

Ten more inches of snow fell last Wednesday, and campus was closed yet again. This marked 6 ½ days of campus being closed and/or classes cancelled since the new year began. Until now I have lived all my life in Missouri, so I got used to cities and counties knowing how to pre-treat roads when snow storms were predicted and then clear them off properly once it passed. It’s now a little bizarre living in Oklahoma, where the town shuts down because the roads are so unsafe to navigate.

Between the two storms I journeyed to Wal-Mart on Saturday morning February 5 and this is what I saw…or, rather didn’t see, along the bread aisle. Maybe this is what it’s like to live in Russia?


As I journeyed out to get some fresh air and take pictures of the snow I was reminded of how peaceful and pure snow is. It causes a hush to fall on nature and humanity alike, and presents a time for families to spend (hopefully creative) time together, making memories that last and last. For me it was a good time to read, rest, bake, and knit.


Thankfully the temperatures have been climbing into the 60s and 70s for the past few days, allowing the ice and snow to melt and serve as a pleasant reminder that spring will indeed come again. With this brings the excitement of baseball season and a spring break trip to Florida one month from today with my folks. Now it’s up to Albert to re-sign with the Cardinals…

Remembering how “life is a special occasion” (I just love those new Hallmark commercials), today I treated myself and bought two boxes of Girl Scout cookies: one box of samoas (my all time favorite) and one box of tag-a-longs (because I just love peanut butter). This article from the Huffington Post presents a good, balanced reminder about savoring this once a year treat. My sentiments exactly.

“My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” ~ Edward Mote (c. 1834)


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