A Memorial – Yarn Bombing Style

Almost one year ago, one of my friends was tragically and unnecessarily taken from this life. We shared a connection of having lived in Missouri, working together at the same University, and being a part of the same book club. She was a distinguished, up and coming professor, a lover of karaoke, a knitter & crocheter, sister, daughter, and friend to many, among her many wonderful talents and attributes.

She was also a faithful member of our local yarn group. Spurred by a mutually creative and thoughtful friend, this week our group gathered to yarn bomb the courtyard at the church our friend attended. Our what-do-we-do-with-this? unfinished projects, small colorful scraps, and miscellaneous granny squares took on a life of their own as we whip-stitched them around elm, pine, and dogwood trees.


It’s impossible to drive by on this main thoroughfare and not notice something is different and unique. And I find it fitting that just as each of our members are different and unique, something beautiful results when we come together for a unified cause.



I love that I captured two of our members’ kids running by the tree as I snapped this photo. It was a sunny, breezy afternoon of life, remembrance, creativity, and community. All things she would have enjoyed, which we did in her honor and memory.


We still miss you, Tiffany.


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