Falling into My Lap

The thought occurred to me this afternoon that I have recently blogged more about what I’m reading (Year of No Sugar by Eve O. Schaub) and knitting (Dinosaur Jr. by Katie Boyette), but not as much about what I’m learning. Today has most certainly been a day where I’ve realized how new opportunities to learn are just falling into my lap.

Last Monday was my first day back at work after a splendid 2 week Christmas vacation. Working in academia is such a blessing! A week to travel and spend with our families, followed by a week to enjoy the peace and quiet of our home and pretty little town were equally refreshing and renewing. Meanwhile, this Monday was the first day of the spring semester at my university, and while I always enjoy the routine of having students back on campus and in our library, I was fraught with nerves feeling like I have grown stagnant as an academic librarian. Even though I’m a part of a group planning a regional workshop in the fall and might also submit a proposal to present at a small on-campus workshop this spring, I still felt like I needed to stretch my professional wings. Well, stretch them, I soon shall!

  • So, before Christmas I volunteered to serve as vice-chair for a statewide organization of fellow librarians. It was a goal I wanted to meet last year and thought, “hey, the vice chair probably doesn’t do a whole lot, but this will look great on my CV and annual report!”Here’s where things start falling into my lap
  • After Christmas…I found out the vice-chair becomes Chair the next year (2016). Oh boy. I probably should have asked about that little detail before I volunteered myself. But since I’ve been a part of the organization for four years and know many of the members & past officers, this should make my upcoming job easier, in addition to having a year to shadow this year’s chair. While this situation is making me stretch farther and definitely faster than I planned, I can’t help but know this is my time to step up and show up.
  • TODAY! I had a colleague refer my name to the director of the public library to present at our local public library in February. Topic TBA, but I have an idea I think might work well.
  • TODAY! I was invited to contribute to the writing of a journal article about the role of the academic librarian as liaison with four education professors, which will be submitted to a peer-reviewed publication in March! This will be my first professional publication and will be listed as a co-author; a milestone in any researcher’s career. To be even more humbled, I found out I’ll be the first librarian at our university to publish in this arena in over a decade! (Our focus is on teaching and academic service over research and publication.)

So as I come down off my academic high at the end of the day, I can almost hear my retired-kindergarten-teacher mother’s voice telling me, as she has so many times in my life, “Be like the Little Engine that Could and say, ‘I think I can! I think I can!’ And after you get over the mountain say, ‘I thought I could! I thought I could!'”

Most importantly though, I have felt the Lord gently whisper over my soul, See, beloved, I have called you to this. I will open up doors of opportunity of which you could have NEVER dreamt on your own to grow you and to bring Me glory. It is I who will equip you and give you guidance each step of the way. In your weakness, I am strong, so you must continue to place your dependence on me and in Me alone.

May it be so, Lord Jesus, may it be so.


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