Planning summer vacation

I know it’s only February, and ice & snow have been our reality this week, so maybe because of that I can’t help but get excited as I think about the plans The Optometrist and I have for our summer vacation: Washington, D.C.

While we both visited D.C. as teenagers, it’s been a decade or so since we cast a shadow within our nation’s capital. With this passage of time, and our desire to revisit some of our favorite museums, we figure our first big trip as a married couple should be a straightforward one: pack as lightly as possible, rely on public transportation once we arrive, stay within close walking distance to the Metro, and appreciate free access to some of our country’s most prized historical innovations, documents, artifacts, and collections.

In honor of this upcoming trip, I’ve already taken a yarn plunge and ordered this lovely hand-dyed sock yarn from The Painted Tiger in the colorway Grand Old Flag.


Having red, white, and blue socks on my needles during the trip seems like such a fun and patriotic travel project!

With the U.S.A. in mind, I recently came across a fun, interactive way of mapping the states I’ve visited. It looks like I’m a little over halfway through visiting all 50! It’s interesting to see the pockets in the upper Midwest where I haven’t yet traveled. Hopefully one of these days I can visit some more National Parks: Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, & Glacier, to check off a few more of those states not yet visited.


The designer of the map also designed the free travel app Triposo, which allows you to access off-line travel guides to a host of cities in the U.S. and abroad when you’re beyond your normal range of mobile coverage. It includes Washington, D.C. – hurrah!

Growing up, travel was a priority my parents desired me to experience, and for us to share as a family. While the salary of two hard-working educators didn’t allow for anything fancy, we made the most of opportunities to visit friends and family who lived in other states or learned to rely on each other (and the trust the Rand McNally atlas) when we knew no one else. State capitals, historical monuments, major league baseball games, theme parks, mountains & deserts, bodies of water, train rides, ferry rides, rental cars, stand-by flights, and overnight stays at Super 8s along the way have created memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

And now it’s my turn to experience it all with my husband; become his travel buddy, forge new memories, and look back years later with fond stories. What a marvel.

Watch out, D.C., we’ll be heading your way soon! (in a few more months, that is…)

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