Caring and Sharing

It’s the last day of the semester – hallelujah. After five years as an academic librarian, I find my body feeling the effects of this being the most full and stressful one yet. But how I’ve grown, learned, expanded my horizons, gotten to know others better, and gained confidence in my abilities!  At a recent faculty member’s retirement celebration, he shared these words of wisdom, “May your footsteps be many, deep, and found leaving an impact.” As he leaves at the top of his career in education, his example of continuing to be engaged with students, academic life, and the community has made an impression on me, giving me a goal to emulate as I, too, strive to help others and leave my mark on this place.

Last Saturday the Optometrist and I had an opportunity to spend time with friends with whom we have shared food, laughter, music, and life in both past and recent years. Saturday morning we helped co-host a friend’s baby shower at the home of our mutually dear friend who lives just outside of town. The view of the rolling hills in the distance and grazing cattle in the pasture was one of many special memories made on this day.


Our friends are both originally from China, so we, as their American friends, decided to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we showered them with food, gifts, prayers, and love.


Later in the afternoon we met up with friends who were passing through the area on their family vacation. Since it had been years since we last saw one another, our time chatting over ice cream was all too brief. I’ve known about their visit for a few months, which gave me time to endeavor on my second sewing project: a trio of string backpacks for their three girls. I used this video from the Crafty Gemini that helped guide me through my sewing project.

The girls’ mom had shared with me their interests, and with a little help from Hancock Fabrics, I was able to customize each one with their first initial and included a little fun pad/crayon set inside. The older girls like My Little Pony and the littlest one enjoys Curious George, and, thankfully, not only were they the appropriate size, but they seemed to enjoy my little homemade gifts of love. Since they were en route to their vacation destination, I hope they were able to use their little backpacks to hold not only what they brought with them, but also include treasures found along the way.

Other highlights from our spring have included:

  • Continued adjustment and fun with Sylvester. He’s gradually learning the house rules and we just have to be consistent in enforcing them. Here’s a photo of him being sweet and cuddly, which is his personality about 98% of the time.


  •  Enjoying the beautiful dogwood tree outside our bedroom window. As a Show-Me girl, dogwoods are always reminiscent of my home state each spring.


  • A recent afternoon of professional development at OSU included lunch at Eskimo Joe’s beforehand. My knitting kept my hands busy we waited for our food and served as a conversation enhancer (as it most usually does) with the librarians sitting near me.


For now, all that’s left are attending our respective college commencement exercises tomorrow morning and afternoon and the semester is officially complete! Never mind the fact that we both return to work on Monday as intercession begins. Yet for now, once more, we’ve added our footprints to this academic year, thanks to the Lord opening up doors and sustaining us every step of the way.



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