The Part to Play in Art

Some might view the ability to knit or crochet as simply a hobby, especially if they don’t know how to perform these needle crafts and only associate it with what their grandma did. As a 30-something knitter (and amateur crocheter) I love when my chosen yarn craft is elevated and seen as art; something inspiring and modern.

Last year, I blogged about how our local yarn group yarn-bombed a local church yard in memory of our friend Tiffany. This spring/summer our group’s yarn-bombing efforts have been taken to a whole new level! Thanks to a colleague and mutual knitter, I was put in touch with Romy Owens, an Oklahoma fiber/knitting artist. She has been commissioned to yarn-bomb the entire facade of the 108 Contemporary art museum in downtown Tulsa and needs thousands…yes, thousands!…of knitted squares and rectangles to achieve this monumental effort. A few weeks ago our local Tuesday night group was privileged to have Romy come and share with us her about this project, The Unbearable Absence of Landscape.  

How inspired we were to discover she is an independent artist, relying on her (many) creative skills to be her career (vs. deliver pizzas on the side). She was so knowledgeable and inclusive, which made us even more excited about this project! (Romy is in the middle, knitting the blue piece in the photo above.)

Many of us are now on board, furiously knitting green and blue squares (the color of needed to create the “landscape”).  Here’s a recent snapshot of our yarn-bombing group effort collected from just one week, of which these squares have already passed through the knitting grapevine to Romy.

If you are a knitter and are interested in participating, more information can be found here or by searching for The Unbearable Absence of Landscape group on Facebook.

***Please note there are very specific directions on the size needle you need to use (depending on how tight or loose you knit), the type of yarn (acrylic), the weight of yarn (bulky), number of stitches cast on (25), and due date (July 31).

Once the installation is hung this fall, I look forward to visiting the 108 Contemporary to not only try to see if I can pick out my squares among the thousands represented, but rest in the fact that my love of knitting and my abilities, combined with many others I may never meet, have been unified to create something beautiful, memorable, and artistic.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso


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