Summer Tasks with Fall in Sight

For the first time in at least 5 years I can honestly say it’s been a busy summer, both in my personal and professional life. Not only have the Optometrist and I enjoyed a bit of traveling and accomplished tasks around the house that needed to be done, we have also both broadened our horizons at work. His commitment is more long-term and began in earnest in July. Meanwhile, mine will be limited to the fall semester, but has been my ongoing summer project as I prepare for what is to come.

At the beginning of June one of my dear colleagues/friends, who is my frequent teaching partner and collaborator, and I were asked if we would be interested in co-coordinating the course curriculum for the required university strategies course all 900+ freshmen are required to take their 1st semester. After a lot of thought and prayer, I agreed to do it if she would, and she agreed to do it if I would. We were in. Thankfully we’ve had direct help from last year’s coordinator, who has stepped into his own new work responsibilities, hence the need for someone (or in our case, two someones) else to run the class. I’m thankful these are hard working people who are good communicators, that the class doesn’t differ too much from the course design last fall, and that I’ll be financially compensated for the extra work added to my current librarian job responsibilities.

In light of this decision, it’s put me in a place of applying the practical lesson and necessity of saying no. Once I signed up for this semi-administrative position in June, I immediately knew I had already reached my limit for saying yes to anything else until December. My department chair has removed extra obligations, I’ve notified church leaders of how my schedule needs to change, and now I have healthy boundaries that allow me to focus on tasks at hand and enjoy them, rather than feel overwhelmed, fragmented, and stressed out. It’s empowering to know I’ve made a wise choice that will benefit my mental and physical health, as well as my marriage.

I rejoice in knowing the Lord has prepared me “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14), will give me wisdom as I make decisions that impact many people, and give me strength to see this task through to completion. Only two weeks remain before the fall semester begins, and then…here we go!

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