This week, one of my favorite bloggers, Modern Mrs. Darcy, posted an entry The Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now.

This has gotten me to think and ponder the everyday, ordinary things; the things that breathe life and bring joy to my winter routine.

  1. Daily Bible readings
    As I posted previously, I’ve been reading my way through the Bible and have finished Genesis, Job, and am almost through Exodus. I have been reminded by wise Bible teachers how it’s important to keep the big picture in mind while reading through the Old Testament: that God is the guide, provider, and central figure throughout it all.
  2. Knitting
    Even though January was unseasonably warm, I found great comfort in knitting hats. This little hat came along for the ride as I got a pedicure a few weeks ago!
    Hats for big people, hats for little people, hats to send in the mail, hats to donate to charity, and hats to take across town to gift during a Minnie Mouse-themed 2nd birthday party.
  3. Yoga
    I neglected attending weekly lunch-time yoga classes in the fall when my schedule was so hectic. This spring semester is nowhere near as demanding, which has allowed me the luxury of dashing off to a weekly midday class downtown. And when I know I’ve paid money for a month of classes, I’m more likely to attend and follow up on this monetary commitment. My mind, body, and spirit have thanked me each and every time.
  4. Reading
    January was a hectic reading month, with six books read in 31 days. This was purely unnecessary and self-imposed, but was overall enjoyable (if not frantic), where I comprehended each book thoroughly and the end result allowed me to contribute to a community book discussion and return borrowed library books on time.
  5. Water
    During a recent trip to the big city, The Optometrist and I both bought LifeFactory water bottles at Whole Foods. Mine is “raspberry” (see above) and his is navy blue. I’ve long carried plastic water bottles to keep my voice and body hydrated, but it’s so much nicer to drink out of a glass bottle throughout the day. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe (and sturdy enough to withstand an accidental drop or two…)!
  6. NPR
    My drive to and from work is relatively short, so there isn’t a tremendous amount of radio time during the day. However, I’ve lately been more intentional about listening to news stories, processing what I’ve heard, and later sharing with my husband about what I learned through the day to complete this cycle of learning.

And while these things are saving my life right now, I realize these are constants on which I daily rely for sustenance of mind, body, and spirit.


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