Book Review – Angels Walking Series, Book 3: Brush of Wings ~ Karen Kingsbury


Each of the heavenly and human characters featured in Angels Walking and Chasing Sunsets return in Brush of Wings. Brush of Wings picks up where Chasing Sunsets left off resolving questions about Mary Catherine’s health and her relationship with Marcus, what the future holds for Sami and Tyler, and their collective friendship with teenaged Lexi. These relationships support the angels’ overall mission of ensuring the successful birth of a child who will grow to be a mighty proclaimer and defender of the Gospel.

Kingsbury’s personal mission of dietary health and her preference of musical artists is woven throughout the story’s plot, which blurs the line between fiction and reality. The reading level, vocabulary, and young adult characters make this book accessible to newer readers, as well as crafting a compelling, page-turning story for her long-time followers.

Review Rating: 3.5/5

Click here for my book review of book 2, Chasing Sunsets.

To learn more about Karen Kingsbury’s books, visit her website

My thanks to Edelweiss for access to the digital ARC copy.


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